Lazy Sunday

07zza sunny boy

Today’s Gallery Theme – ‘Fun In The Sun’…

Today is one of those rare days where no-one in the household is obliged to do anything. Well, apart from cook, eat and enjoy the sun (29C/84F, albeit rather humid)…

Dave and I lay in our beds spectacularly late. Like 9am. I woke first and opened one eye to admire his amazing muscular and tanned body. We had no covers on – already too hot. With some anticipation I put my tongue to work on the soles of those beautiful feet, aiming to wake him gently and sensuously…

There was a tap on the door and Ivo poked his head around. ‘Erm, guys, we’re feeling kind of horny this morning…’

This is unusual for Ivo. He’s a willing ‘bottom’ to Pete’s top, and mixes in with the rest of our secure ‘coven’, but almost never initiates things… but today, well, something powered him up. Pete appeared behind him and we enjoyed a lengthy foursome of the kind you can read about in my books (see later!). Every which way…

2 boys in sun

Ivo and Pete retreated to their shower and Dave to ours. While I waited for him to finish, the sound of the grass cutter reached my ears and I stood at the window watching son Leo driving back and forth across our yard. This part of the yard is overlooked by neighbours and so he was forced to don one of his pairs of Speedos – in the house we do all tend to wander around naked or near-naked most of the time in the hot weather. He saw me and grinned. Also enjoying the cooler morning sun were Jaymee and her friend Karla, currently staying with us most of the time because of family difficulties.  They wore their skimpy bikinis and were tending the plants in one of the raised flower beds (or maybe pretending – they seemed to be spending a lot of time giggling). Leo has a crush on Karla and I noticed that his mowing lines were starting to deviate towards the girls…

beach 5

And then another distraction. Two of his mates, Ryan and Tjark, arrived, sporting garish-hued boardie shorts. A short chat, and Leo nodded them in the direction of our training cabin. The other two ran to the top of the yard and disappeared inside, no doubt intending to work on their bodies using our weights. Which is fine. They are both in the school wrestle squad, and know what they need to do!

beach boys

Shortly after we went languidly downstairs, immodestly clad in just white gym shorts, another distraction. A neighbour three houses up, senior guy, has a pool which he never uses, but he invites us to dip sometimes. To be fair, we prefer the river (no chlorine) but, today, Leo, Jaymee and Karla needed no second bidding. I wandered up in the cabin to tell the other two boys that they could go too if they wanted. I found them wrestling, naked, laughing… just being boys. Good for them. They grabbed their boardies and ran to join the others.

river fun

I was not surprised that Leo hadn’t wanted to train with his friends… he and his almost inseparable buddy Chris had been hard at it late into the evening yesterday, and Chris was so knackered that he called home to say he was going to crash with Leo. He was, however, under orders to report home by 7am for ‘duty travel’ to visit grandparents (!) and so I found out that they actually rose at 5.30 this morning to do more training first. Nothing if not dedicated, but Leo not in the humour for lifting more weights after all that! Sitting down on the mower he could manage (and he knows he has to pull his weight around the property!) – and splashing around close to the bikini-clad Karla… no contest!


The wonderful Clare was hard at work in the kitchen, and the smell of roasting meat announced an excellent lunch to come. Clare cooking topless, with her partner Karen draped around her shoulders, signified that they, too, were in ‘relax’ mode. Spare tops at the ready just in case anyone should come to the house, of course!


Not sure what we shall do this afternoon. Moseying down to the river and going for a dip with Cody and Adge is a possibility, but we have also decided on no training today. However, Leo and his acrobatic partners Jaymee and Karla said that they will practice their balance routines later, once lunch has been digested. So we’ll probably leave them behind this time. And someone needs to finish the last bit of mowing that Leo has abandoned.

Another option is just to do nothing!…


Yep, Sundays as they should be in the summer!

Kids are also getting fired up for the two-month school vacation – school is out Friday.

Three summer-camp trips in the offing (we go as ‘circus-skills’ trainers)… so some time in the woods, but probably not quite like this, much as our kids plus Chris and Karla might like it…


The last time they were able to ‘dress down’ on vacation was at our place in Wales (UK) where there are absolutely no other people around to take offence. As a friend put it, great to see young people ‘happy in their skins’ and not afflicted with assorted phobias…

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAnyway, I digress. Hope you enjoy your Sunday as much as we are… reminders about the books (just click on the covers) and then a few more pictures from ‘the great outdoors’.






wired for sound


river crop


We have put the cancellation of the planned summer circus tour behind us now, and we’re all looking forward to our three ‘teaching gigs’ in summer camps, which still leaves everyone time for other activities (and for we adults to do a bit of our normal coaching work, to the relief of our colleagues who have to tolerate our absences!). Hope the weather stays right for your summer plans!

This final photo says it all for us. An idyllic location and the perfect activity for young boys (and, before you ask, I don’t know where this picture came from). Enjoy. And when you reach the shore, relax with a book. Preferably one of mine…

summer dream

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