Memorial Day Wrestle

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Wrestle’

03 smallToday (Monday) has been a public holiday here in the US: gymnastics center closed, and us free to have fun. Again!

It was a memorable day for another reason in addition to remember US war veterans: Chad’s last day in residence at the private gay-friendly gym he founded over 20 years ago. He’s off travelling – ‘before I’m too old to do it’ – although as one of the exceptionally fit crew  he has built up, that’s probably something of an exaggeration of a non-existent problem for many years!

Initially, we feared that he would sell up. Eventually, he sold shares to his ‘ultimate’ members and any others who would participate to pay for his trip, and still retains the majority of the share holding. He will return – maybe in a year, he says, maybe longer – and, in the meantime, he leaves everything in the capable hands of Ron Lake to manage the business. This does mean continuing to follow Chad’s ‘principles’ – one of which is a deep-seated antipathy to those he still views as the slave class – our coloured colleagues. To us Brits, this seems wholly indefensible in 2016 but, as Chad has regularly put it: ‘My gym, my rules’ so we must live with that. And we can certainly support his other ‘principles’ – no shirts allowed – ever – naked workouts encouraged…


As we are powerless to challenge the political incorrectness of our Oak Ridge neighbours, we shall leave that issue aside. Although we do wrestle with our conscience. At least, as mentioned in my books, Chad has admitted Chinese, Latin Americans and other nationalities.

But the day was celebrated with one of Chad’s marathon sessions – a ‘wrestle-thon’ – with everyone who was not actually on vacation or working away answering the ‘call’ to send Chad on his way. When we quit (after about four hours) it was still going strong – Dave and I are covering some early shifts at the gymnastics centre for the tyros – sessions before school starts and that’s early here in USA. So, reluctantly, we’re headed for an early night.


So the pictures for this post are all on the wresting theme – various styles (and dress!). Enjoy.







I’ll give this next pic the benefit of the doubt and assume it is wrestling rather than l’amour… just as that foot-in-face pic above could have been foot fetish rather than wrestling. Who knows… interesting pics, both:


wrestling variation



…and as we like to do it…


..well, maybe not on the best table…


…but, indeed (with added oil), that’s how we did it for Chad’s send off today.

But I’m all out of wrestle pics for the moment, so I’ll leave you with those book ideas (as ever)…

Cover1 Full

The second part...Cover 3 Thumb

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