Last Post (for a week) (probably)

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Keeping the Balance’


…also the subject of this post, more or less. After Chad’s last act before quitting his gym for a year was to elevate our collected 14-15yo’s to full status in the private training environment, we needed to make a few adjustments to how things are done there! Guys (mainly the gay ones who make up more than 50% of the total) have been in the habit of behaving rather openly in regard to enjoying personal and joint ‘favours’ (shall we say), especially after activities such as wrestling which might arouse them.

Under Ron’s new ‘management’, and with our own concerns in mind, the collective membership has agreed that, henceforth, such activities will only take place in the far end of the gym which is being screened off and which our young-uns are permanently excluded from. Everyone, including them, has agreed, their young age acknowledged, and their abilities (and right to be there) recognised.


As an illustration of the latter (their abilities), Thursday night saw them all show off their skills, starting with the full balance routines (Jaymee, Karla, Leo and Chris) originally put together for the aborted circus tour, then their integrated tumbling/balance and flying routine with us, plenty of exercises on glass and nails (every boy proudly had a concrete block smashed on them whilst the girls submitted to fire); Tjark showed off his extraordinary contortion abilities, everyone admired Josh’s bodybuilding results (and his mentor and obviously great friend in that is Chris’s older brother Billy) – then all were invited to wrestle assorted members after putting in some sessions on the weight machines. In all, they acquitted themselves exceedingly well and everyone applauds Chad’s somewhat surprising decision to lower the minimum age in their case as his ‘parting shot’. And, as for training naked? Well, they do it all the time in their own space, and no-one showed surprise – or even interest, really, when Leo led the way in the gym. Respect for their age, respect for individual preferences… but we shall be keeping a close eye on them nonetheless, led by Ron and whoever is on ‘duty’ when they show up without us. In other words, keeping the right balance between propriety and letting them enjoy the environment to the full whilst working out.


So the rest of the pictures feature ‘balance’ in one way or another…



The first part...(Book 1, in which Dave and I meet, fall in love and share our passion for acrobatics, meet like-minded and wonderful friends, and agree to father two of those now-14yos…)



The second part...(Book 2: touring in US and then world-wide: our wonderful kids enter the world, and we encounter some serious issues during a Festival which will have major repercussions later)




Cover 3 Thumb(Book 3: as they say, ‘the shit hits the fan’. Bigtime. But we’re all here to tell the tale!)




And, finally, an illustration of ‘keeping the balance’ that Dave and I, or indeed any reasonably athletic gay couple, can enjoy!


..and, as we head off “to the woods” (kind of – backwoods, anyway!) for our first session of teaching some circus skills at a summer camp, make sure you keep fit, enjoy the summer weather yourselves, and (maybe, just maybe) try the books illustrated above, in the order shown, for our own tales of gay love, acrobatic work, touring, and misadventures.

Back soon!



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