Another Kind of Camp

Here we are trying to blot out the events of Sunday and, with appropriate thoughts in our minds for the victims and their families, we will carry on the blog as normal.

This post is a sort of schizophrenic one in that the text and pictures are unrelated. First though, a left-over from our week at circus-skills summer camp: I forgot to mention the ‘body-painting’ which went on in ‘chill time’ for the kids:


Styles can vary – here’s a study in blue!


Anyways, the rest of

Today’s Picture Theme is…

shoulder work


kettle squat

Arriving back from our first summer-camp stint, we found that our ‘roadie’ Chet has booked us for no less that three one-night stands in a different kind of camp, situated on the flanks of the Smokies about 90 miles from here. In no way is this a kid’s summer camp! No, this is a private naturists reserve! We adults have been there before to give  shows and, knowing from this blog our tendency to shed clothes while training whenever possible in our private cabin our the special gym we use, it may come as no surprise to you now to hear that we have performed naked too. But this would be the first time our own kids and their two acrobatic friends have joined us, so we needed to have a few discussions, not least with parents. In Chris’s case, that was easy. His father often trains with us and, knowing that the camp is family-friendly as well as nudity-based, he sees no issues there. Indeed, he joins in our training that way himself.

plank 2

Karla is more of a problem, since her parents are not on speaking terms and she is currently living with us. Jaymee assures us that she will ‘sort it’ and do herself whatever Karla decides – however, Jaymee’s mum and her partner Clare will certainly go naked because they are like that around the house quite often, and it you are into ‘body-burning’ as an art form, clothes don’t help!


Which brings me neatly to ‘Reader’s Questions‘! Bare skin and beds of nails go obviously together – after all, watching some guy lie on a bed of nails in an anorak wouldn’t quite have the same impact, would it? Our beds are 5’6″ long, which means that when you lie on your back, the main contact is with the muscle in your back, butt, thighs and calves. Your heels rest on the end nails with little discomfort, and your head sticks over the end, sometimes supported if you are going to be there a while. But what, asks a correspondent, if you are the other way up? ‘What do you do with your “junk”?’


A good question. Well, it all hangs down a gap between the individual nails, which are set approximately 1½” apart. Otherwise, there could be trouble! And, if you face up with another nail bed on top, it basically doesn’t get in the way as you arrange a convenient gap between your legs. The upper nail bed rests primarily on chest and thighs.

The other point for ‘face-down’ is that your feet stick over the end, and shins, which have next to no muscle covering, have to be laid carefully along a double row of nails to spread their weight evenly – other wise that does hurt. Face protected or carefully laid sideways with some wind pressure in your cheek…


‘Readers Questions 2’: Surely it is dangerous for his eyes when you put Leo into a tank, pour on more broken glass and trample on him? Answer: yes, it would be but, as he lies down on the glass already covering the base, there are two metal discs which he picks up and covers his eyes – and no glass gets poured on his face until we can check they are in place. He slips them aside as he sits up at the end, of course, and usually has a small piece of glass popped into his mouth which he can spit out and impress the audience. He’s a pro…

Enough ‘tricks of the trade’, except to say that when one of us has feet sticking over  the end of a nail bed, there is usually a ‘firebird’ with a flaming torch nearby to give them the quick treatment. All in the name of entertainment…




upcott 12784048_1703760846535561_380977733_n



strange lifter pic

Double up…



Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

to the bar



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  1. rainer says:

    Those girls on the top look so happy being allowed do paint this beauty

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