Decisions – and Indecisions…

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Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Hang In There…’

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Some decisions are easy. The question we were pondering (see previous post) about how to dress (or perhaps undress) for a performance at a reserved naturist camp when the company includes four 14yos was easily resolved. We shall wear our normal performing kit – silver tango-style briefs for the guys and matching mini-bikinis for the girls. What is worn when ‘mingling’ with the happy naked families before and after the performance is down to each individual to decide. Can’t say fairer than that – and parents of our guest young’uns happy with that too.

abs 500

Other decisions appear harder. Both my parents and Dave’s, back in the UK, have sought our advice on how they should vote in next week’s referendum on the UK leaving or remaining in the European Union. I can appreciate how hard the choice is – both remaining and leaving present serious ‘unknowns’ for the economy, employment, foreign relations and goodness knows what else. The biggest problem, it seems to me, is that a union of 28 nations which wants to grow even larger means that it is increasingly difficult to reach collective decisions because of different cultures and ideals; some countries (dare I mention Germany and perhaps France?) want to be dominant in decisions and expect others to fall in line… and our dear old UK cannot at present make trade deals except through this 28-member bloc. And as for the bureaucracy, thousands of stupid regulations, and the un-auditable accounts…


If the EU seems to some people like the lunatics running the asylum, they should come over here and try to figure out how to persuade normally logical and sane people to cast their votes to ensure that ‘The Donald’ doesn’t get within ten miles of The White House and start World War 3. Actually, Dave and I, being Brits, have talked about the EU/UK issue a lot and we’re very close to being ‘don’t knows’ or ‘don’t want to be responsible for what happens next!’. If anything, Dave leans slightly towards ‘leave’ and me ever-so-slightly towards ‘remain’ but, my goodness, it is a tough one and the chances are that the decision will be made by a majority of voters who don’t understand the issues but are swayed by someone’s prejudices or rhetoric at the last minute. Recipe for disaster either way.

Just like the American presidential elections, in fact. Here, Dave and I (and most of our colleagues) are of one voice – Clinton for President (but the better of an exceeding poor and seedy choice). TN, however, will vote Republican because it always does.


I told my mum – who, for some strange reason seems to think I understand these things – to vote ‘Remain’ – just ‘Hang In There’ and work to get the changes everyone realises are needed by negotiation from inside, not by slamming the door in a huff and leaving the party. So you can see where today’s picture theme came from!


I know that my (in?)decision on the EU referendum will upset at least four of my regular UK correspondents who have told me they can’t wait to leave – and in all of those cases, to get rid of the monarchy when HM finally ends her lengthy reign on the British throne as well – and several other major reforms besides! So ‘live and let live’ isn’t going to go down too well with them – but, hopefully, they’ll stick with the blog rather than kicking that into touch as well… ???

leg lifts

(Sorry, that’s a repeat from September 2014, but it fits the theme…)

So, we are where we are. I am not prepared to predict the outcome of either of the big issues right now, and I promise that this is never going to turn into a political blog. Not ever! So, we’ll stick with promoting fitness (today, using assorted hanging exercises) and to promoting certain books which I have had a hand in writing (just click on the covers for further information – e-versions also available).

no friends around

The first part...



The second part...


Gallery 634, Pascal (500)

Cover 3 Thumb


(That small, but really cute image, may be a repeat. Love the way the twins have worked out such a symmetrical pose for the camera)



…and a bit of action to end with for today, working the abs, pecs and front deltoids:


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