Man and Boy


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Fighting Fit’

Ron, now in charge of our private gym establishment, thought that it would be a good idea to invite the newly enrolled younger boys to engage in some wrestling paired up with us ‘older’ guys’ – so my son Leo and I against another pair, for example.  He didn’t immediately invite the two young girl members (Jaymee and Karla) but, since Jaymee’s mum and her partner are members of 20 years standing as  ‘honorary boys’, they were quickly brought on side! However, Ron did say that the girls should not wrestle naked, despite (more or less) being willing – but then they do have to put up with the rest of us lads in our home cabin and in this new (to them) gym doing weights that way.


So we had Jaymee paired with her mum Karen to wrestle Clare and Karla, and the strap on Jaymee’s top quickly broke so it just got thrown aside anyway…

Leo and I versus Dave and Leo’s mate Chris; our wrestling mates from Lexington came over and paired up with young bodybuilder (and fairly useless restler!) Jude and young Ryan, Ron himself partnered skinny contortionist wrestler Tjark and made an amazing team  and, to even up the numbers, Chris’s older brother Billy joined in partnered by our Latino model friend Carlos.


10-minutes max per bout – 2 submissions to decide. Fun to see the different tactics employed – in some cases one partner would ‘sit out’ to conserve energy then move in to help with the ‘kill’; others went in both together, full blast! Every pair wrestled every other pair, and then, after a break, the oil came out and the pairs got changed around but still with one young-un partnering on ‘older’un’.

Since all the younger group had been unexpectedly enrolled by Chad with ‘advance’ status as a parting gift before he left on his travels, great things are expected of the group and they certainly acquitted themselves well.



Later on in the evening, the young’uns declared that us oldies were ‘holding them back’ so we lads left them to it under Ron’s occasional supervision and retired up to Zach and Gary’s penthouse pad – they had conveniently arrived back from one of Gary’s martial arts events in time to host their gay Tuan Jie’ brothers in the (ahem) customary fashion – meanwhile, Karen and Clare took on other adult gym members at wrestling in their customary brutal style!


The first part...The second part...Another ‘routine’ episode in the life and times of Tone, his extended family and his gay mates then. You can find out more in these elegant volumes, devoted also to our exploration of gay love, how Dave and I came to father two wonderful athletic kids now 14 years old, circus acrobatic tours and other miscellaneous adventures. Highly recommended by those that have read them (but then I suppose I would say that, wouldn’t I). E-books also available, and more information by clicking on the covers.Cover 3 Thumb

And now some more images to entertain you, on the ‘Fighting Fit’ theme:









The verdict from the young’uns after all the sweat and hard work? What would you expect? Kewl!


…and, with the temperature here building to the 90s every day this week (33C), I think that both young and old will be using a fair bit of that ice! Cool shirtless outdoors right now (6.30am!) so Dave and I are going for a run in a few minutes. Leo (for once) still snoring after last night’s efforts!

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