On a More Cheerful Note…


As my last two posts have had a bit of ‘gloom and doom’ in them, I thought that I would mark a different kind of day with something more cheerful!

First of all – no work today. Rosters just worked out that way at the gymnastics center, so we slept in a while. Ivo, Pete and other coaches looking after the happy gymnasts…


Karen and Clare had previously announced that they were going to spend time training with Dave’s daughter Jaymee and her friend Karla on more ways of just avoiding getting burnt with fire breathing and body-burning skills, so we could kindly just ‘keep out of their way for a couple of hours’. We were just considering that over breakfast in the kitchen (kitted out in our usual shorts and nothing more) when we became aware of a group of strange boys with bicycles gathering in the yard outside the window.

Turns out that they were lads from Leo’s High School we don’t normally get to see – they’re not part of his freaky fitness clique. Leo and his close mate Chris bounded up from the basement, similarly unclothed as us, and announced it was a swimming party to the Clinch River. Actually, it’s great that he does mix with kids who aren’t into weight lifting and acrobatics (I have wondered!) – and I was pleased to see some coloured lads and mixed race ones there also. So my son is an OK social animal after all!

They pretty much snatched up the rest of our breakfast and the contents of the store cupboard, and were all off for the day. Well, why not – it is exactly what I used to do with my oldest schoolmate Colin! That link takes you right back to start of this epic blog story, where the links to my books are no longer valid – use recent ones in this post or the ‘sticky’ heading!


Feeling just a teensie bit the responsible parent and not wanting to be party to any drownings that my amazing son and the fitter kids couldn’t deal with, I gave Cody a call. He lives near to the swimming hole and swims there every day along with his housemate Adge. He promised to keep an eye on them and an ear open for any cries of distress! He can be trusted absolutely, as he very quickly demonstrated to us in our early years here as we discovered the fitness underworld inhabited by our gay friends (as well as the not so gay). See Loving the Boy.


So there we were, Dave and I alone, reflecting on how we used to enjoy our own school summer vacations. They get eight weeks here and we’re already into week 3, with another summer camp teaching acrobatics to come next week followed immediately by a full performance of our team at the naturist reserve. But the kids have plenty time to enjoy other things if they want to – but training is in the blood and they enjoy that most of all anyway!



Having avoided being burnt alive, the young girls took themselves off to see some of their friends, leaving us with Karen and Clare to enjoy a quiet wine-fuelled lunch under the shade of a tree on our own, something we don’t often get to do. Two sets of parents – two gay men and two lesbians – thrown together by a strange turn of fate, produced two amazing kids who think of themselves as brother and sister and as having two dads and two mums each… Book 2, The Power of Love continues the tale.

Then we had a short sharp shock – sky going strangely dark and a quick torrential rainstorm.

drowned rats

It is extremely hot and humid here at this time of year, and an occasional downpour comes as a welcome relief. Even at our age, we feel that ‘shirtless in the rain’ is “kewl”! Except that the occasional rain encourages grass to keep growing when the heat and sun would otherwise stop it in its tracks – so, just like in the UK, the grass cutting rituals never end, and keeping your yard tidy is mandated under local statutes. This is America!

fit lads shower

Boys showed up again around three. Some of them had gone straight home, about five (in addition to Leo and Chris) and now also shirtless and barefoot having cycled happily through the last of the rain that way, arrived back with us, still dripping and planning to join Leo and Chris in some nefarious activity in his basement lair. We found them some towels before letting them into the house!

open air

I suggested to Leo that they use the training cabin rather than his much smaller training mats in his bedroom, but he insisted they would be fine. A while later, my head around the door at the top of his stairs observed a pile of writhing, wrestling boys, some at most in underpants and the rest, led (obviously) by Leo and Chris, entirely naked. Fun, fun…


One by one they started posing off, far too hyper to notice us staring down at them…

mates one posing

I was just considering whether to offer to find more food for the lot of them when Dave whispered behind me ‘They’re fine for hours and Leo can raid the fridge anyway’ He bit gently into my shoulder and said ‘I’m suddenly feeling very horny – lets go upstairs…’

So he and I found something entirely different, and private, to do for the best part of an hour…


To say that I got a bit of a pounding would be something of an understatement…

…followed of course by a period of tender togetherness…


…and then back down to check on what was happening. All the remaining boys were still best mates…


…hardly anyone was glued to a phone or a tablet, which seems to be the fate of most teens these days, and Leo and Chris ended up with invitations to hang out with guys they’ve never done it with before, doing things they don’t normally do (i.e. not acrobatics, wrestling or weights) – which is actually good for them for a change!

They ended up outdoors again, the rain having disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

garden pals

Even better, unlike our lot, the visitors didn’t have to be reminded to put shorts back on before exhibiting themselves in view of the neighbours in the yard.

Overall, a pretty good day for all. No aggression…


(I love that picture but, before you ask, I don’t the kid or the context – looks like an out-of-focus games hall so he may be doing martial arts!)

Cover1 FullI’ve been accused a couple of times of living a life ‘too idyllic – you must be making it up!’ Not so – maybe I don’t usually write about the bad stuff! I did however write up a seriously bad time when a circus tour went wrong. see Against all Odds. But most of the time, when I intrude on your screens, I am here to promote fitness, share a love of acrobatics and showbiz nonsense and, of course, try and sell a few copies of the books. Here’s a pic of the cover of the first one, just to prove I’m not making that up (you can  get the text enlarged if you click on the cover and follow the link).

But today has been a pretty relaxing day – a pretty kewl one. And, as Dave has just pointed out, we haven’t done any training ourselves today – yet…

dumbell shadows

…and, just for once, I think that we might give it a miss altogether (Yikes!) and take ourselves off to a bar.

How decadent is that?

The end of a perfect day…









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2 Responses to On a More Cheerful Note…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I was glad to see that you are proud that your son is friends with kids who are not as fit as he. I know this blog’s focus is fitness, but one should have a more rounded life. Sometimes it seems fitness and physical perfection are requirements to be found worthy of notice in your world. It’s good to know you don’t mind having us mere mortals around Thanks.

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