Another Week, Another Summer Camp…

5am – wide awake in our camping bus at our second summer camp gig of three, and we are parked up close to their admin building with a WiFi signal!! We’ll be offering circus skills to the happy campers as last time, focussing obviously on acrobatics and showing off a bit. And, meanwhile, I can catch up on a few loose ends generated by recent posts and comments.

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Muscleaneous’


First, regular commenter ‘Platinumboy’ rightly took me to task for appearing only to show interest in fit guys and not ‘mere mortals’. This was never the intention, except that, since this is a fitness blog written by professional fitness trainers, there is a certain inevitability that we shall always focus on appreciating those features! The point was made after I commented about some of my son Leo’s ‘non-fitness’ friends, who have not featured before in the assorted family ‘news’ which creeps in here. Perhaps all of our ‘non-fitness’ friends should get a mention – we do have them! Anyway, P-boy, I appreciate the rebuke and take due note. Keep reading!


The first part...Next, an e-mail comment from a Belgian guy who is into pencil drawing of human musculature and appreciates the photos here for that reason. He asked if my books are illustrated and/or contain detailed descriptions of acrobatic work. They are not illustrated, since they are essentially novels describing our particular lifestyle and times, but there are descriptions of some of the things we have done in training which I actually thought were too technical and spoiled the flow of the story for those who were not interested in the craft, so I took quite a few of them out after talking with the publisher. Seems you can’t please all of the people all of the time, as some famous US official said one time…

The second part...Cover 3 Thumb…but the covers are illustrated, as seen here, each containing one acrobatic balance or move in silhouette. Probably not enough for my new friend’s needs, but hopefully the assorted pictures posted here will continue to please, and perhaps he will click on the cover images and be persuaded to invest a few Euros in what I like to think is a good read (and e-books are available too).


More e-mail correspondence concerns the ‘Brexit’ – the decision of my home country to depart the European Union. I didn’t think that would actually happen, although I had leanings both ways and, if I had been in a position to vote, I would probably not have made the decision until I had the voting paper in front of me. Anyway, we’re to be ‘out’ – I say ‘we’ because I have a UK passport and no intention of ever giving it up! I have been lying in my bunk in our ‘bus’ trying to imagine what would happen if, say, Tennessee took a popular vote and declared independence from the rest of the USA. One can imagine the reaction in Washington, so one can equally understand the frustration in Brussels among the Eurocrats whose gravy train is now disturbed, with unrest allegedly also in Denmark, Spain, Italy and The Netherlands to have referenda. But how do you think everyday Americans would feel if their hard-earned tax dollars were used to transport the entire Washington administration to – say – Chicago for one week every month? Because that’s what happens with the EU – special trains filled with Eurocrats and files headed from Brussels to Strasbourg… ghastly waste, and all to appease the French I think when the original six countries set it all in motion. And now both mainstream political parties in the UK are disintegrating, with opposed factions of Europe in each one plus leadership challenges or resignations… enough, definitely.


Others have asked for news on how our special fitness trainees the 9yo twins and their friend are. Well, they are now 10yo twins, their friend is 10 too, and we have moved them on to a gentle but regular weights programme to get them bulked up a little. We need to get their strength up for some of the more difficult acrobatic moves that they are keen to learn, without losing their flexibility. More news of them in due time.

arm across

The last bit of news is  that my old friend Colin bought their tickets to visit US – and their travel dollars, before the pound fell. His son Ollie will indeed join the crew for the third and final summer camp gig – both Ollie and our lot are over the moon with that. Enough news now – over to more pictures.



big drink

chest 97


fine specimen



jungle boi


post workout





Oh, I forgot. Saturday was International Handstand Day (really). Everyone was supposed to post selfies of their handstands, but we forgot to take any (shame!). Anyway, there’s plenty of our handstands on here already – so here’s one with a guy who has more muscle than we do but doesn’t keep his legs together… bye!


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