Looking Back (well, sort of)


Today’s Gallery features: Backs!


A bit of a quickie post, this: we’re between sessions with the ‘happy campers’ here at summer camp no. 2, and I’ve sneaked back to our camping bus to snatch a bit of WiFi signal.

Compared with our first summer camp gig at the start of the school vacation period, this one is a bit second rate. Not that it is disorganised – if anything, it is over-organised, with staff busy-bodying around all the time ‘Mind you keep that shirt on, don’t want you getting sunburnt…’ and so forth. Obviously we don’t encourage anyone to get burned, but the sense of ‘control’ here is kind of overpowering. I wouldn’t send my kid here, for sure. But anyway, we’re allowed to get on with our job, which is to introduce acrobatics and circus skills in general, and they seem to be enjoying it. Leo suggested that he encourage some early morning training sessions for the willing, like last time, but the management quickly vetoed that ‘because we don’t have enough staff available at that time in the morning to supervise…’ As if we weren’t qualified, or something…. or, forget it, Tone!


Posing for the camera in mid-wrestle move there – and showing us a strong back as well.

Perhaps one shouldn’t make critical comparisons, since the kids ‘camping’ here (in strictly regimented segregation) seem happy enough – but it was thinking back to our previous experience that suggested this picture theme. Anyway, backs don’t get anything like enough exposure (and admiration) compared with chests…


(Well, maybe that’s almost too much exposure… plenty of oil…)



The first part...The second part...


seashore speedo

(After two ‘sideways looks’, back to full on… )



Those pull-ups and push-ups develop the shoulders and upper back…


…and it all helps with the handstand. Even a handstand in the rain on International Handstand Day…


Cover 3 Thumb

Some more – first one a bit small, I’m afraid – but the back is anything but!:







A nice black and white shot to end with: just feel the power…!


Hope you enjoyed ‘looking back’.

A final reflection on this camp, though: ugh, the food! We’re taking off to find a diner tonight…

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