Sweating over ‘Texodus’ and ‘Caleavefornia’

Following the extraordinary political events back in the UK whereby a small majority voted in favour of leaving the EU, following by the collapse of both main political parties, I commented rather facetiously that the US government would not taking kindly if Tennessee voted to leave the Union…

…now I read in my e-newspaper from London that factions in Texas and California are trying to get support to do exactly that! And I had forgotten (or perhaps never knew) that Texas has ‘form’ on this, having left the Union once before…

Oh well, it’s good to keep politicians in a sweat, which leads neatly to

Today’s Gallery Theme – ‘Working Up a Sweat’

sweaty singer

(Yes, singers and particularly drummers get sweaty too!)

So we’re back from working at the horrendous summer camp no 2. Kids off to a pool party last night, and all adults to the private gym for a great workout – 8 Tuan Jie members and the two ladies also. Our mates from Lexington included in the eight, so plenty to catch up on as we worked out way through all the resistance machines before taking to wrestling. That led to oil, then to ‘wet’ wrestling combined with a skin treatment (use your imagination), and then we retired to a more private zone for a little mutual TLC. Finally, Dave and I shared our huge bed with Leon and Dane… bliss.

sweat gym guy

To be part of such a loving and caring gay group is a privilege: I’ve written so much about it in the books that I don’t need to explain further here except to provide the links and to encourage you to do the decent thing and help a poor starving writer earn a crust…!

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

It also seems that our remaining two Tuan Jie, currently touring Australia with a circus, may shortly rejoin us here. Ethan and Jack have been ‘down under’ for nearly two years, starting off earning money as street performers before temporarily leaving for New Zealand so that they could apply for work visas back in Australia. But I think that even they are tiring of spending their lives doing their daily balancing / fakir performances, as we already did, and are considering a more rational form of employment in their declining years!! We shall see…

sweaty gym boi

Anyway, before that happens, we have summer camp no 3 starting on Saturday, over in PA – that one has a great reputation and they seem very enthusiastic to have us provide the circus skills workshops again. The food has to be better than at no 2, and their facilities certainly are, if the brochures are to be believed. They pay better, too… ‘every little helps’, as the UK supermarket chain Tesco is so fond of saying.

sweaty stud_00002

A sweaty forehead there, suggesting a hard workout just completed. I find that the back of my neck is the first place to get moist and, for some reason, it takes a huge effort to make me sweat very much whereas my colleagues can be covered in it after doing the same activities. Maybe I have a dog in my ancestry (no sweat glands in the canines!)…

tanned and sweaty

…but I sweat more easily in the direct sunshine, like him! Here are some more workout boys:

sweat dumbbells

sweaty fighter

sweaty face

sweat hot workout

…obviously it all worked out for him – pity he didn’t hold his phone more to one side, though.

sweat oriental

sweat 64

trainer sweat

Of course – it doesn’t have to be the gym: here’s a dude that has worked up a sweat in his kitchen: ‘slaving over a hot stove’?

sweat in kitchen

Back to the great outdoors…

lets sweat



And that concludes our study of sweaty guys. Bit of a weird topic to feature I suppose, but there you go. We’re all weird anyway. Back soon!

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1 Response to Sweating over ‘Texodus’ and ‘Caleavefornia’

  1. For is it not written in Scripture? “The Nutballs will always be with us.” Texas secessionists have been around ever since the state was admitted to the Union. In short, “Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along.” 🙂

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