Mixed Doubles

Just heard of an important sporting success – Britain’s Andy Murray wins Wimbledon men’s singles tennis for the second time – that prompts my slightly off-the-point subject for

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Mixed Doubles’

light double

The first part...I don’t really want to write about ‘doubles’ at all, but we’ll stay with that ‘doubles’ picture theme… except that our pictures are all ‘same sex’ doubles: this is a gay blog, for goodness sake! Our own version of ‘mixed doubles’ within our close gay group – changing partners – has received enough attention in previous posts! If not clear, I direct you to the book on the left, which will explain everything and hopefully direct your interests on to books 2 and 3!

matched pair

The second part...Actually, we’re at our third summer camp ‘gig’, introducing circus skills (acrobatic kind) to another group of reasonably enthusiastic kids here in the Allegheny Mountains, not far from State College PA where we first discovered how little we knew about acrobatic gymnastics competitions all those years ago before we settled on circus style instead (ref to books 1 and 2 [see right]!!). Both kids and organisers here seem very happy and everyone is getting along, but there are so many competing activities on offer that our initial group was disappointingly small. However, word went around, and today (day 2) we had a much larger crowd for our Sunday morning session.

lifter pals

As I wrote in my third book, ‘Every Silver Lining has a Cloud’! In this case, it proved near impossible to park our camping bus out of the sun at this place. Since the air temperature as I write this is 84F (30C-ish) in the shade, you can imagine that we’re not totally happy bears ourselves, but ‘that’s show business’ I suppose. Either put up with it or carry our equipment about a mile back and forth! Last night produced quite a lightening storm as it got dark, with some burst of really heavy rain: that cooled things down for us, and (fingers crossed) it could happen again tonight, although as I write this the cloud is thinning…

…there is a little lake although they officially prohibit swimming in it (they have a large managed pool full of chlorine water and the sweat of about 500 kids…) – wouldn’t this be “kewl” at sunset?…


Our two very special 14yo’s who are part of the ‘professional show’ here are, of course, here with their gay parents (Dave plus Karen for Jaymee and Claire plus me for Leo). Even after all those years, Claire (particularly) gets all weepie when she thinks so proudly of the son I fathered for her. As we watched them training their balance routine last evening, Claire came and sat behind me, massaging my (inevitably bare) shoulders, and suddenly I felt tears running down my back. ‘I’m SO proud of him, Tone, and so happy it was you…’ – but of course, by bedtime, she was cuddled up with her lesbian partner and me with Dave, Zach with Gary… and so those gay wheels within wheels keep turning!


Those aforementioned 14yo’s are, of course, here with their current ‘squeezes’… since Leo has his heart set on winning over Karla and Chris on winning over Jaymee. I think that in Leo’s case, there is some feeling the other way, but Chris is having a tougher time softening Jaymee’s heart… of course, they are still very young, but having them all together in the performing group for these summer sessions makes for interesting times and demands checks that bunks are correctly occupied at night! And then, of course, behind the curtains, the adults break those established rules…


…in their case, “UNmixed Doubles”, I suppose…

Onward and upwards with the picture theme, then:

young lifters

Two ‘acrobatic’ duos, next:



(That’s a position that takes some beating, while this one provides an interesting view for a boy who is ‘comfortable in his skin’ with his friend…)


…or a nice feel


But now back to basics – a bit of a wrestle:




That looks like a great ‘hold’! Here’s another, more acrobatic, one:


Just checkin’ each other out…



Cover 3 ThumbLet’s just check out book 3 while we’re about it – the one where our seemingly ‘idyllic’ life choices went dramatically wrong!

But, as the saying is, ‘Everyone lived happily ever after…’






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