Down by the Lake

four play

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that the campers here in the Alleghenies are not permitted to use the lake here for any unsupervised swimming. I included this d4o1_1282of two boys splashing each other in the fading light, about to engage in some swimming no doubt, and I perhaps should not have been surprised to have our own four youngsters on the team propose to do exactly that to cool off last evening. Well, we’re ‘staff’ not campers, and not subject to their rules, so we told them to go ahead and that we would probably join them shortly. In the end, we adults were distracted by some admin, and didn’t.

Well, they immediately got yelled at by some other young staffers who emerged from the bushes and assumed that they were campers, but Leo and Chris soon set them straight. ‘Oh, you’re the acrobat kids. OK, well, I suppose that’s all right then…’ they said grudgingly! It turns out that the lakeside at night is where all the young staffers go to further their own love interests after the visiting campers have retired to their dorms: they were not keen to be disturbed! However, our four said they would keep out of everyone’s way and not tell tales… and (I hope) chose to swim rather than engaging in any explorations of their own. All four are 14, and that’s a bit young for anything more than holding hands and a bit of a snuggle. And anyway, the two girls still seem to be a bit indifferent to the boys’ interests… ‘Skinny dipping rules, OK!’

We organised another pre-breakfast workout for any of the campers that were willing to show up. 6.30am! We got about 25 boys and 15 girls, and set them to work separately. Leo and Chris leading the boys – shirtless and barefoot (inevitably) – and Jaymee and Karla leading the girls. Bodyweight exercises and flexibility.

woodland trainers

Working out outdoors is always fun (well, we think it is) and a lot of the boys quickly shed their shirts as well to enjoy the early-morning sun on their backs. They all did very well, and eagerly agreed to return tomorrow morning for more. They all worked hard in our ‘fun acrobatics’ sessions today as well.

The rest of today’s picture selection features ‘fun’ acrobatics and ‘street workout’ stuff in various forms – not always elegant, but – well, fun! Enjoy…









Fancy being a bat?








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