Best Foot Forward…

24043682333_b4c3eb1fbf_mOnwards and upwards! We’re not the only folks stepping out on the ‘glass highway’ this week. Back in UK, ‘our’ new Prime Minister Theresa May flies the flag for the ladies in power, breaking through the ‘glass ceiling’ and joining ‘Mutti’ Merkel… is Hilary C to follow over here in USA, we wonder? Will their separate ‘yellow brick roads’ lead to their ‘Emerald Cities’, or will it all end in tears?

Happily, we’re acrobats and show folks, and not politicians, so we don’t face such unpredictable outcomes. Much as I should like the salary, I don’t think I’d be standing as a Member of Parliament if and when we return to UK in the future! Happy to bare our feet in the name of entertainment, though!

foot!…and to leave our shirts off. Around here in central PA,  it seems that every likely location where guys might want to shuck their shirts, there is a formal sign saying that they can’t. Much worse than in our bit of TN, it seems. In fact, when we checked out the venue we have been asked to perform in tomorrow night, we observed that it carries such a sign but, since we can hardly show off our beds of nails and what not wearing anoraks, the shirts are gonna come off anyway! “No sunbathing; shirts must be worn at all times, no music, no… pretty much everything, really…” Hmmm. As I have observed before, Americans really do seem to like being ordered around and to follow rules. Like stopping at stop signs when the next nearest car is four miles away. Oh well!

Pictures of barefoot guys, just to make a point (if there is any point to make…)… those rules are enough to ‘drive you up the wall’…


Nymburk fighters




Love those foot-in-face moves in wrestling…


My lovely Dave always has the sweetest feet, and so do our fitness-conscious mates… but that’s another story!

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbThese make up quite an interesting gay/sporty/acrobatic/circus/adventure story, too…

…but then I would say that, wouldn’t I?

Some more barefoot sporty action:


…and inaction…


A bedroom selfie…

ripped to the max

Looks like he’s been doing this


…and this: a bit of a push-up…

kettlebell pike

…a lift-off…

lever rock

…and – to hell with it, let’s get naked!

pre skinnydipping exercise

Nothing to get all in a twist over…


…and the best way to spend your time with your best mate…


You can’t put a foot wrong!




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4 Responses to Best Foot Forward…

  1. Platinumboy says:

    “And..inaction” reminded me of growing up in the 1970’s as a boy. I loved being naked and fit. I’d stay in my room naked in the summer and relax. My room was upstairs, in the very hot/humid attic. America was a lot less prudish back then about prepubescent nonsexual nudity. Kroch’s and Brentano’s, a then-major, now defunct bookstore chain had a great photography section in its downtown Chicago store. Sally Mann and Robert Mapplethorpe were among the photographers featured. I remember seeing nonsexual family nudes in some of those books. I’ve read online articles in recent years that the Obama administration (Not the Bushes or Reagan) has tried to rule some of those photos child porn. I think that’s a shame because none of those photos was sexual, as the one you posted is not. (I assume it’s a photo of a young-looking adult.) I don’t know if you’ve ever seen photos posted on discussion boards concerning once-mandatory nudity in American high school boys (but not girls) swimming (PE) classes, but it’s true that boys high school swimming in American public high schools was once, by law, done in the nude. On some of the sites, you can see old yearbook(!!!) photos of boys swimming and diving in the nude. Some photos show clothed girls sitting idly by while high school boys dive/swim naked. One site (I can’t remember which) even had a photo which they claimed was the official swim team yearbook photo for that high school. The adult male coach was fully clothed, but every boy was stark naked. My high school stopped nude swimming for boys in 1976. I knew other boys who went to different high schools at the same time I did (1978-82) who were required to swim naked in PE. Chicago Public Schools reportedly stopped the practice in 1980. All this is to say that the prudery you lament is rather recent. In fact, one of the websites where the discussion of naked swimming for high school boys is featured contains an actual article from a suburban Chicago newspaper on the subject. The article is from the 1940’s. The local school board is planning to end mandatory nude swimming for boys and the mothers turn out en masse to demand that nude swimming for their boys be continued. Nude swimming for boys won out, thanks to the Mothers. Imagine that today.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      That’s three cheers for the Moms, then! Although we have thought about it, we can’t figure out exactly why nude swimming was mandated . Perhaps you can enlighten us. I do know that in France, men must wear speedos in public pools and not longer sorts, which are considered to ‘bring dirt into the pool’ – perhaps because they were worn outside it first. Also a bit weird.

      • Platinumboy says:

        According to the research done by different bloggers, the answer is cholera. Cholera was a serious health threat in the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century in America. The swimsuits of the day were made of cotton, apparently an excellent home in which the cholera could develop. Therefore, the U. S. government mandated nude swimming for males while maintaining swimsuits for females. For some reason, as pointed out by different bloggers, some level of modesty regarding the body was expected of women. Conversely, men were not expected to have the same level of modesty. The discrepancy might have something to do with the arrival of middle-European immigrants to America who settled in the American Midwest. Europeans, of course, have long been known to have a far different attitude toward nudity as Americans. If one peruses those blogsites, one will see photos of European men competing in public swim meets completely naked with a mixed crowd of spectators. Some blogs feature nineteenth and early 20th Century photos, none of which could be considered pornographic, or of bathers at beaches where the females are wearing suits while the males are unclothed. Apparently, this was a societal norm of the time unknown today. Male swimmers were also said to be subjected to a cleanliness exam prior to using the public pool. This was described on one blogsite as an examination to ensure the swimmer was not only clean, but had no open sores, wounds or signs of communicable disease. To view these sites for yourself, google something like “history of male nude swimming in U. S. high schools”. Many different websites use an academic approah to discuss this very real fact of American history complete with non-pornographic photographic evidence.

  2. tonycavanagh says:

    Thanks for this interesting history!

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