Our Magical Last Night

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Boys, Balances and Bars’


Friday night at our third summer camp: we put on a ‘show’ as per the last two. But this is a show with a difference! First of all, quite a few of the kids that worked with us on ‘circus skills’ attend gym or tumbling classes anyway, so by the end of the week they were polished enough to take part in the show themselves. In fact, we were able to include everyone who had participated in our sessions doing something. So this became an opportunity for ‘our’ acro/tumbling kids to show off to the ones doing other activities like kayaking, climbing wall and whatever.

musl_Slovak boy Vladimír doing back lever

The show was also scheduled by the camp team for quite a late hour, and they decided to mark out the arena area with kerosene flares. It meant that our young ‘uns were doing their balance routines in half darkness, but it was very effective. We had also persuaded every boy from our ‘circus’ group, and some of the girls, to do the bed of nails, and great fun was had ‘counting down’ each one in turn as they were (carefully!) lifted on to have their photos taken ‘for mom back home’… hope that the moms weren’t too horrified! Our ladies then lit their torches for their ‘fire’ part of the show, helping also to light the adult tumbling and balancing finale before they did their final fire-eating and stuff. As the torches were finally extinguished, the lightening bugs put on a remarkable display for us – perhaps attracted by the torches, as it is close to the end of season for them. A memorable night.


Doing the non-nude ‘family’ show for the naturist camp on Saturday night also went without a hitch.


And we’re finally back home before a final week at the first summer-camp venue – back by request and with Leo and Chris’s UK fitness mate Ollie joining us as we set off, abandoning the rest of his family to a more rational vacation! But this camp just finished was quite special – our collection of 14yos had plenty of time to try other activities free of charge: Leo fell several times from the outdoor climbing walls after insisting on remaining barefoot: Chris and Jaymee sensibly pulled on trainers and almost flew up climbs of increasing difficulty: none of them had done it before. Jaymee’s friend Karen wasn’t into climbing, but excelled at kayaking: overall, everyone had a great time.


There is, of course, a down side to all this: we have to put in an intense week of coaching at the gymnastics center to relive colleagues who have been covering for us, and we also have to catch up on training our 10yo twin boys and their friend, who have been vigorously pursuing their light weight regime under parental supervision while we have been away!


Everyone is now really pleased that the original circus tour planned for the entire summer school vacation never worked out. We’ve had far more fun than we would otherwise have done – and manged to keep on top of things at home and in the gym centre.


Enjoy more pictures now of what we all love to do:











A quick pause to remind you of something…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7


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