Back To Being Bad Guys…


First of all, a shout out to professional photographer Ben Ginnell, whose copyrighted image I unknowingly posted a couple of posts ago. Most of these posts come from blog sites or fitness sites where the images have been put into public ownership. The image concerned (now removed) was actually found by Dave on a Russian fitness site, which just goes to show how stuff on the internet gets around. Anyway, we never intend to infringe anyone’s copyright and anyone objecting to their image reaching this blog can have it instantly deleted with an apology.

Since getting back from the third summer camp, we have discharged the young generation to follow its own agenda for a week – except for Chris, who has been mandated to stay home with visiting family – before we all return to summer camp no 1 next Saturday with UK friend Ollie in tow while his parents and sister do some touring around. Which has left us to revert to type as ‘bad’ guys – hence inspiring…

Today’s Gallery Theme:; ‘Good Guys’

Here’s hoping you find them ‘good’…


No sooner were we back than Pete (Dave’s older brother) announced that Cody had been on the phone and had persuaded him and Ivo to ‘help’ demonstrate some of Cody’s basement equipment to a small group of ‘newbies’… and would we kindly come along? I think that Cody advertises his ‘events’ on a number of fetish websites and in some dubious publications that don’t find their way into Main Street bookstores. Anyway, ‘Would we mind coming along and getting tied, stretched and beaten, just to show them how much fun it is?’


The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbThis all started back in the old days as described in my books. If it sounds fun, alongside our discovering gay love, training acrobatics and having some fun and mishaps on tour, have a read! Just click on the covers, or search on Amazon.


So we ‘showed them’ and then his six visitors tried their luck. Cody suggested we put on some wrestling for them: that meant oiling up, which greatly interested them. I took on Pete and lost, with him exacting his previously agreed ‘high-stakes’ reward, taking the two of us out of circulation for a bit while Dave and Ivo stayed locked together in a kind of mutual ‘spladdle’ so long that they eventually declared a tie.

be happy!

The two youngest of the six, who looked so alike they could have been brothers but weren’t, said they’de like a go, and they reacted to the oiling exactly as any pair of gay guys might be expected. In fact, they were pretty fit guys too, and had met at an accounting convention (apparently they exist) and were now living together and working in separate companies in the Knoxville area. They seem like obvious candidates for the private gym and expressed an interest in being introduced to Ron, probably through a visit to our training cabin to meet him and show what they can lift.

elbow hold

So that’s Seb and Andy, aged 22 and 24, looking likely to feature here some more if things work out. They joined us around 2am for a skinny dip at the swimming hole, too, leaving the other four ‘newbies’ to ‘enjoy’ whatever Cody and Adge chose to do with them. Being keen to swim with us is definitely another point in their favour!


As for the rest of our week: wall-to-wall coaching to relieve the colleagues who have been covering for us at the gymnastics center. Then off to camp number 1 again. All so much better, we have all decided, than the circus tour which never happened.


light and shade







river viiperi special (27)

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