As this week our lives are dominated by wall-to-wall gymnastics coaching, I dedicate this post to Gymnasts.

  1. Training for pommel horse:


2. Strength training on the pommel horse:

abs_gimnastica artistica

3. The results…


4. Standing tall on the parallel bars:

bar stand

5. Trampoline-assisted ring training:


6. Some action now: standing back somersault with good leg shape:

back sommie straight legs

7. Preparing for the high bar:

high bar prep

8. Rings in action:


9. …and again:


10. Russian lever – a floor move done here in pleasant surroundings!

lever rock 2

11. Good elevation on the pommel:

pommel high

12. Outdoor parallel bars – an unconventional approach:


13. …and a conventional approach!


14. Russian boys combine parallel bar and planche/handstand skills:


15. Ready for the high bar (sorry, this is a rather grainy picture);


16. Combined training (stretching, bridging, handstand):


17. Ring straddle hold:


18. The one-hand stand:


19. What’s missing here is the VAULT – I don’t seem to find any good pix of that tonight – so we’ll settle for one more on the pommel:


We just love this sport, especially the acrobatic side which isn’t really featured today. To know more about us and our likes and dislikes (Spoiler alert: we’re gay…) click on this and follow the trail…

Cover1 Full

All good things must come to an end – at least for now. I leave you with one final action gif:

20. Chillin’ on the Trampoline:




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