6.30am, 75F… Pull Your Weight!

…perfect conditions for an outdoor workout at summer camp!


As with our previous summer-camp sessions, we have been encouraging our ‘circus skills’ participants and anyone else who wants to join to come out in the open in the early morning for a stretch and body-weight workout, led by our four enthusiastic 14-year-olds and, in addition this time, by our muscular 12yo gymnast from the UK, Ollie, who more than pulls his weight!


(No, that’s not Ollie – I don’t post young kids here, but it could well be!)

As my son Leo yells at them: “If you’re not sweating, it’s not working!”

sit ups

There has been a very high response to this challenge from the campers – at least double the number than in our circus group (others here for other outdoor activities) – and it’s great to see the shirts pulled off in response to the example set by our kids as they get down to their workout. Comparisons follow…


…everyone wants to do well, and both we and they are really enjoying ourselves here in what will be our last event this summer vacation before schools re-start in August.

The only thing that’s not perfect this time is the weather: the last two days from mid-afternoon on, thunder has been rumbling, with some severe downpours and lightening strikes nearby, so continuing to work outdoors has not been entirely sensible even though the temperature is peaking in the 90s. Water-based events in the early afternoon are definitely popular…


I devote the rest of this post to ‘boys’ (of various ages!) exercising their bodies against gravity in various ways:






(That’s a ‘fun’ one – making the best use of what is available…!)




Here’s a ‘bodyweight’ exercise with a difference – yes, you can strengthen your back while on the computer by allowing your friend to planche on your shoulders!…




lever at sea Jakub

abs stretch


Here’s hoping there’s some inspiration there for you… and maybe here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Chilling out with one of my books is hopefully good mental exercise! Kindle-y folks will find e-versions in the usual places.

At the end of the session, our kids proved themselves to be as sweaty as the rest, Chris wiping his sweaty chest over my back as he climbed on to my shoulders… each of the leaders climbing on someone and offering the trainees a chance to aim a hose at them as a way of ‘bonding’ with them… and getting us poor supporters drenched as well! Still, 75F at 6.30am, and pretty humid, somehow a cold shower doesn’t feel at all bad! And to be fair, it’s how we shower at home after using the training cabin.

A final pic, then, of three happy guys, post training, pleased with their performance, with their appearance, and pleased that their friends have encouraged each other. Just the ticket!

3 fit

Postscript (in response to various questions and proposals): This blog is primarily about promoting fitness in young (and old!) guys. It is not intended as an explicitly ‘gay’ blog (although Dave and I are such), nor as a ‘porn’ site… it is intended to help promote the books in which our earlier lives are described, covering gay love and our love of acrobatics and circus tours. Occasionally, images of loving guys enjoying each other’s company will appear. I will not be posting series of pictures, nor can I credit every picture source: if any picture was not intended for free re-post by the photographer, I will at once apologise and take it down. I do not knowingly post under-age pictures unless there are special circumstances which justify it. And, yes, I do occasionally include images of ourselves: you just need to decide for yourselves which they are! Hope that clears things up…?

And now, having dried off, eaten breakfast, and got that off my chest, it’s 8.20am here and time to hit ‘publish’ and get started on preparing this morning’s balance training!

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