Just Chillin’ with my Man

Home late last evening from our final summer camp gig. Four hours gym coaching this morning from 8am. Back home now, temperature pushing up to 90F (32C) – slightly threatening clouds forming but mainly sunny. Kids disappeared to a pool party (including visiting Ollie, whose family returns to join us tomorrow). Girls gone we know not where; Ivo and Pete on vacation in Boston. So, just me and my man Dave (well, he’s my ‘boy’ of course) – cracked open a couple of cold beers, settled ourselves in the privately-fenced bit of the yard behind the training shed (so who needs clothes…?) – just us and this laptop!


As I gaze at his smooth, muscular, tanned body, I realise just how lucky I am to have such an amazing partner, with whom I share pretty much everything including (of course) our gay disposition. 16 wonderful years and counting. So:

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Gay Couples’


Finding another boy who shared the same loves as me – gymnastics, acrobatics, fitness – was in itself amazing. That it was another Brit at large in USA was a bonus. That he had a gay older brother, which helped him to understand his own feelings and to awaken the latent ones in me, was magic. Dave, I love you so much.


A couple of posts ago I introduced another younger gay couple – Seb and Andy. Accountants! They were experimenting with S & M but proved to be more interested in wrestling and in gaining access to our private fitness gym now run by Ron. Getting in is easier these days – all our 14yo’s and some of their friends were promoted, once the parents had agreed. But, as adult guys (and Seb and Andy are 22), they can volunteer to be initiated into a ‘grading’ scheme – and their chance to win that acceptance comes tonight, when some of the more senior members – ourselves, the girls, Ron himself and other senior members present, will watch their lifting, wrestling prowess and any other skills they care to try (such as acrobatics) and then vote them in for the ceremony which will take place on the stroke of midnight. Yes, we’re a funny lot, still amused by things which ought really to be relegated to fraternity houses.

kiss 3

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbThey’ll be introduced ‘formally’ to the bed of nails and the glass, get beaten a bit (and they seemed to enjoy that at Cody’s last time) and, if they agree, get ‘stamped’ with our very own ‘charter mark’ on the right hip. Each will choose a ‘soul mate’ to go through the process and, since we introduced them, the chances are quite high that they’ll choose Dave and I, which means we go through the mill again (except for the ‘brand’ which we already have) – this is all to demonstrate that they are not being ‘victimised’, and they too must agree to be a future soul mate for a new entrant whenever they are asked. I’ve written at length about this in the first of my books (click on the nearby covers for more information!).

So we’re relaxing now in anticipation of another late night, hopefully spent for a while with our oiled bodies pressed against theirs as we wrestle as gay guys love to do…



Call me weird, but I have always felt that guys having feelings for women was just nature giving in to itself, whereas a guy having a feeling for another of the same – well, that’s somehow really special, like being recognised as a fitting member of the tribe… accepted as being as good as the other guys. For Dave and I, that means more than the love of a woman ever could.


And when the other guy is Dave – wow! I’m so lucky.

We share, of course, a deep and unbreakable bond. But we also share our love with eight other very special guys we have also known for those 16 years. Within this special circle, in terms of, well, sex, anything goes. Outside of it – no. And so we keep ourselves safe. Regular tests, though, just to be sure.

The rest of this post celebrates gay love and guys together doing their thing. Enjoy.





spring practice




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