Oldest Friends

The guy who more than 25 years ago shared my discovery of a love for the outdoors, being shirtless with the sun on our backs, trying out acrobatics, skinny dipping… Colin – with his gymnast wife Natasha and their son Ollie and daughter Maisie – are here with us in Tennessee for a vacation. Ollie, of course, has been with us on last week’s summer camp as well. Their family – and our extended one, still share that love of fitness – all into gymnastics and acrobatics, although Maisie, 9yo, seems to prefer the road to becoming a champion swimmer. A sporty crew, indeed!

When Dave and I first returned to UK as a couple (see The Power of Love), it was Colin and ‘Tash (then merely boyfriend/girlfriend) along with Roger and Ellie (the same) who persuaded us boys to wrestle naked in front of the girls – who quickly joined in. You see, it’s not only us gay guys who love to wrestle (clothed or otherwise!)… our lesbian housemates Clare and Karen already took on Natasha…

Today’s Gallery Theme; ‘Wrestling’

Just guys, though!


As I foretold in the previous post, Dave and I did indeed get chosen by Seb and Andy as their ‘soul mates’ on Saturday night for their ‘senior’ gym initiation, and that involved a lot of wrestling (including oil and ‘wet’) before the process was over, not to mention the huge poundages of weights which had to get lifted and the pain to be endured…

…and then, on Sunday, Colin and ‘Tash offered some challenges to us (and our lesbian housemates) which could hardly be refused, especially given that all the young’uns were otherwise engaged! So, what with one thing and another, it’s been a tough 48 hours! And then, four hours of gymnastics coaching this morning before meeting up with Colin and family for a late lunch in a favourite restaurant.

It’s a tough life, but someone has to live it…!


Despite missing four weeks of coaching earlier in the summer, and the regular managers (our housemates Pete and Ivo also being on vacation, having generously offered their room to Colin and ‘Tash) the gymnastics center staff are being quite helpful to Dave and I, giving us free time to spend with our guests and with the assorted youngsters over the rather short time remaining before US schools return to class. Folks can be real kind.


Well, perhaps not when they have their opponent in a choke…


(Sorry, those two won’t enlarge)

So, this post comes with a sort of ‘warm feeling’ about long-standing friends and family – those things which make all our other trials and tribulations come good in the end! To anyone going through a bad patch, let’s just say ‘hang in there, there’ll be a way out!’.

Even when wrestling with the biggest problems, there’s usually a way out!




(That’s a nice oiling-up shot, before the real action starts. Somehow more fun that way with baby oil than the Turkish method of pouring  olive oil on yourself from little ‘Aladdin lamps’…)












Two happy lads there (I think!). A couple of words about two of the sites credited on these selected pictures: fighterlondon.tumblr.com carries a lot of combat pictures along with other stuff which is definitely NSFW (as they say); fightingkids.com is a South African pay site which offers many videos and stills of kids fighting – some of them certainly underage if they were doing anything objectionable – but they aren’t. We like that one actually because it has a lot of ‘foot fighting’ – feet in face, which I have said before, Dave and I rather enjoy… OK, we’re weird. I know it.

No nude-wrestle pics today either – but two are included in the previous post. In the best possible taste – nothing showing that you wouldn’t want your partners to see…

…and a final mention for all three of my books now: just in case you could be tempted…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And I guess that’s it for today. Clare is cooking a huge dinner for us and our guests – time to relax for a couple of hours in order to  do it justice.

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