Doping: Then, and Now


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Lifters’


With two sporting families spending time together, it is kind of inevitable that conversations turn to the imminent Olympic games and to the current Russian state doping scandal. Neighbour Steve, young Chris’s dad, joined in the conversation too and worries that his older son Billy, a teen bodybuilding champion, will get sucked into doping. So many bodybuilders do, in the pursuit of ever greater size and muscle mass. In Ron’s private gym, the bodybuilders with whom Billy associates do appear clean and are sworn to be so, but you do wonder. And the legal protein supplements are definitely in their plan.


We ‘lift’ a lot, but to increase and maintain strength, not for huge mass gains. As acrobats, that would be a disaster – loss of flexibility, too much weight, and so on.


Colin produced a funny story (I think from the London ‘Times’ newspaper) concerning doping in the London Olympics – 1908. Interesting how the attitude to doping changes: on that occasion, the organisers were so worried that competitors would not be able to complete the marathon that they were encouraged to ‘dope’ – and offered the recommended mixture consisting of “Hot and cold Oxo, rice pudding, raisins, eau de cologne, brandy and strychnine.” The Oxo (beef extract) obviously for ‘beefing them up’, the strychnine – well, you decide! It is said that competitors repeatedly took wrong turns and fell over, one being disqualified when he was assisted to his feet by a passer-by. I can’t vouch for the entire truth of this story, but it is so weird it probably has to be true!


(now, these are more our style of target body shape!)




USA Olympic gymnast doing his weights:




(No, we can’t explain ‘The Smoking Nun’ either…)

red and blue machines

rack and pose

pull downs

outdoor curls

lifting gloves

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of lifters (and ‘pullers’ and ‘pushers’!). Lads looking after their bodies in plushy gyms, garages, on the terrace, in crummy old chapels with leaking roofs… anywhere can be your gym, and pretty much anything can be your resistance…


…yes, its OK to improvise! Just keep up the fitness, on your own if you must, with a mate to push each other along is more fun. Just keep off the druggies!

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