Last Fling for the Wild Things

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Excellence in Black and White’


Just 24 hours to go and the boys (and girls) will be back in school for the new semester. Seems incredible that schools here start back so early compared with UK summer vacations – they only just started!

Although Ollie and Maisie and their parents are in US for another two weeks (and will still have three weeks school vacation left after that), ‘our’ lot have been celebrating their last weekend of freedom, sharing a ‘feral’ 24 hours with their guests. Or, at least the boys have. Their idea was 24 hours in the remotest woodland they could find with access to the river for swimming, mud to wrestle in (obviously!!), fires to be lit under the stars and a cave to sleep in (if they would actually find the time to sleep)… our usual swimming hole, courtesy friend Cody, doesn’t have a cave, though, but a bit of his local knowledge identified a place about a mile up river where pretty much no-one else ever goes. And, with his help, the party (Leo, Chris, Jude, Ryan, Tjark [our regular weight trainers] and about four or five other lads from school) duly set off, with young Ollie from UK in tow, albeit with the slightly anxious blessing of his mum ‘Tasha. His dad Colin was prepared to accept my word that no harm would come to him, and there is a cellphone signal in their hideaway…

Leo is very responsible and I’m sure they’re OK. They’ve been away since this time yesterday, and no call as yet…

bw definition

(By the way, for this and for other images decorated with small fawn ‘Bambi’s’, we are indebted to Patje’s excellent ‘Bambiboys’ blog. Occasionally explicit (despite what it says on the tin) he clearly shares our taste for fine development in young men)

I have never seen Leo and Ollie happier than when they had the chance to go ‘feral’ at our place in Wales UK – similar sorts of activities with occasional rain thrown in. That didn’t stop the clothes coming off for skinny-dipping and then staying off for everything else – and no-one in the remote Mid-Wales hills to take offence at boys just being boys. Here in TN, such behaviour would attract very unwelcome attention but, deep in the oak woods around here, there are enough places where very little stirs except for the wildlife… and so Cody’s ‘find’ gives the boys a chance to go wild in somewhat warmer temperatures than Wales can ever offer!

bw from bambiboy

As regular readers here will be well aware, it takes very little for these guys to shed their shirts and shoes at the best of times. Around the house, it is pretty much standard dress. For training, in our private facilities, the rest comes off as well. Ollie has been sharing Leo’s basement room during his stay here, which is large enough to have a small area of mats and Leo’s personal weights collection – so most times when we stick our head around the door at the top of his stairs to call them up for food, a naked or near-naked boy will appear. I guess we’re a bit to blame for this, having Leo (and indeed Jaymee) grow up from babies alongside their naked parents when training in the gym.

bw sculpture

Meanwhile, “in other news”, Jaymee’s acrobatic friend Karla (and Leo’s sometime love interest) has left us to live with her mother in Chattanooga following a messy parental divorce. Having young Maisie to share has taken Jaymee’s mind off it a bit, and currently her only acro partner now is Leo. Previously she trained with several other girls. We’ll have to see if she wants to try new partners in the club or just work on her stuff with us in the future.

bw star

Ivo and Pete arrive back from their vacation tomorrow, just as Colin and ‘Tash vacate their room and take Ollie and Maisie off to explore different bits of the USA. We shall miss them all, and envy the continued vacationers as everything here returns to humdrum normal!


Enough blather. Let’s enjoy some more bw images together:




abs_Alex and Charlie Kotze 6

I don’t often post ‘faces’, but this next image has wonderful lighting highlight a beautiful face…


gym and pool

(Patje has a taste for black-and-white too)

luv black and white







I really do think that B&W enhances physique photography in a way that colour doesn’t seem able to do. Meanwhile, here’s a hint of something more colourful, based on our gay/sporting lifestyle – something to read

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumbe-versions are also available, and your purchases help to support keeping the blog going, as well as keeping starving acrobats off the streets!

I’ve quite a few more B&W images in the archive waiting to be posted, but I’ll finish with just one more, which places a fit young man in his basement surrounded by the stuff with which he develops his body. Just the ticket!


No phone calls as yet. ‘No news is good news’ (I hope!).

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2 Responses to Last Fling for the Wild Things

  1. platinumboy says:

    I came across a tumblr witha photo you might like. The tumblr,, contains a photo in the March 2015 archive featuring a rear shot of a naked, fit man doing a one-hand handstand on a small pedestal. It’s a head-to-toe shot. I really think you’ll like it.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Thanks for this. It’s the ‘croc’ position, but I would be more impressed if he could straighten his legs. As for that blog, it’s a bit strange – an obsession with Superman characters mixed with lots of built naked guys lying down. Oh well!

      I’ll re-post him soon.

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