Chinese Whispers

db lateral raise

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Free Weights’…

…has nothing to do with today’s text, which is just an interesting (alleged) spy story. Anyone who has read my books may recall that the reason we are here (in Oak Ridge TN) is that both my dad and Dave’s, before they retired, worked in the nuclear business and were assigned for a while to our local USDoE national Lab. Meanwhile, “in other news” from across the pond, the new British Prime Minister Theresa May is getting her knickers in a twist over the involvement of the Chinese in a new nuclear power plant project and their involvement in a lot more British infrastructure.

The USDoE has been trying to “warn off” us Brits for a while about getting into bed with the Chinese, and it turns out that a Chinese guy, one Mr Ho,  has been allegedly buying nuclear information from our local scientists and is to appear in court in Knoxville next week accused of getting sensitive information out of six local scientists in order to give China an ‘edge’ in nuclear power-plan design. Currently he is sampling the delights of a US jailhouse but is seeking bail.

Isn’t this fun! Perhaps it will lead to another book to add to these three and the one that’s awaiting publication:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbAnd now back to the free weights!



bar curl mirror



dumbbell press 8

dumbbell country

hex dumbbells










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