Saturday Night, Sunday Morning


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Ready for Anything!’

Saturday evening. Dave’s daughter Jaymee is away overnight with a new possible acrobatic partner. My son Leo is in the private gym with his bodybuilder mate Jude, sweating through a gruelling workout after helping out Ron as an acrobatic ‘flyer’ and balancer with some new guys who are giving acrobatics a ‘go’. Our lesbian moms of our kids are there lifting too, keeping the ‘family’ flag flying.

Dave and I arrive a little later, for we have an assignation! New members Seb and Andy (accountants!! – I can’t get over this…) are now in the gym three times a week, working out, and doing great. They have suggested a wrestle contest after, and we have suggested oil. They are ready around nine – just when the younger members like Leo and Jude are expected to head off home and leave the field free for us older guys to do whatever it is we get up to when the younger ones have left!


So Leo and Jude head back to Leo’s basement den – Jude is ‘overnighting with us because his parents are away – and will spend their time, probably in just their underwear, as boys seem to do these days, watching TV or playing on-screen games – or even, since it’s Leo and Jude, doing more weights!

Me – well, I’m face down on a plastic sheet being oiled up by Andy, while Dave is performing the same service for Seb. Being oiled up is always an amazing sensation, especially for a gay guy in the company of three others. The wrestling is excellent, and the outcome: well, there is a little problem. Gay guys tend to set ‘forfeits’, and ‘loser gets f***ed’ is one of them. That doesn’t work for us, since Seb and Andy are not part of our Tuan Jie clique. So, in the end, it is Seb and Andy (as a couple) doing their thing, and Dave and I sharing with Zach and Gary who conveniently show up from their apartment (part of the gym complex) just when things are heating up. Quite.


Then it’s a question of ‘Seb, you don’t need to drive back to Knoxville this late, you can stay over with us.’ After all, it is now past midnight. So they’re back with us, agreeing to share our admittedly huge ‘king size’ bed. ‘But we don’t have anything with us!’ ‘Who cares – Sunday tomorrow, you don’t have to dress for work!’

So it is settled, and we cosy up, Dave and I, with two lovely guys between us… proud of our sexuality, enjoying the touch of other great guys as we drop off to sleep…


Sunday morning. I wake to the realisation that I am the subject of some tlc. Andy is kneeling across me, coaxing my ‘junk’ into life, and offering me his. 69, as it is termed, and Dave and Seb are doing the same. We’re all ‘ready’ at just about the same time and it is Dave who rolls off the bed on to the floor first, offering a convenient place for all four of us to ‘cum’… and to share…

A late breakfast follows up this initial ‘feeding’. And a relaxing morning before these lovely guys head home.

Another ‘ordinary day in the life of ordinary Oak Ridge folk’.

fighter 2

Or maybe – another day in the life of extraordinary Oak Ridge folk.

boxer briefs

Or just ‘queer’ folk.


That’s around 7% of the entire world population, according to statistics, even though in this here Bible Belt, unofficially, we are a much smaller minority. Nonsense, of course – it’s just that folks around here are less likely to admit to it!



Of course, the bubble bursts. Reality sets in. We cannot just enjoy these ‘idyllic’ pastimes – there’s yard work to be done (right now, Tone!), and six hard days of coaching to come in the week! Oh well. We’ll soon be too old for these kind of shenanigans anyway, and I’ll have to read my own books to remember life ‘how it used to be’…

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…and in the meantime, some more images of guys ‘ready for anything!’

cropped gymrat






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