Grand Reunion


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Togetherness’


After nearly two years away, our Tuan Jie colleagues Ethan and Jack are coming home. What started as a ‘year out’ backpacking in Australia turned into months of street theatre (to pay for the trip) and an offer to join a circus tour which meant they had to leave the country in order to apply for the right visa to get back in… so they carried on doing their ‘busking’ in new Zealand for a while before touring the entire country of Australia with a full act (acrobatics, beds of nail and glass and swords as in our normal shows) – focussing of course on their speciality which is head balancing.

Having preceded that with a couple of years touring Canada in another circus, they have finally decided that ‘enough is enough’ – a choice we kind of made already – but then they are a couple of years younger than us, so I guess it took a little longer to wear them out.

They say that they have been true to the Tuan Jie ethic – which means no full-on sexual relations outside the group – which means they’ve been a happy duo for all that time…


We shall all take a re-test with our doctor friend, as is our custom. And then, perhaps the biggest party ever as all ten of us get together for the first time for more than two years. We’ve arranged with Ron to have exclusive use of the private gym on a Sunday night when it usually pretty quiet anyway, so it shouldn’t upset many people to be excluded, just for once. Naturally, it will be a training party first – weights, acrobatics, wrestling, and the rest. Ten loving gay guys re-united – need you ask what will happen? It would be an understatement to say that we are looking forward to it!


However, we are going to have to wait a couple more weeks. They’re not flying home, as one might expect. No, they’ve taken passage on a container ship out of the west coast of Australia somewhere which is due into port somewhere on our west coast in about a week. Not sure where, and I’m not sure if they know either. They say it will be an experience where they can just ‘chill’ – although I strongly suspect that they’ll be putting on some performances for the crew! Then they’ll probably be bumming a ride in a truck – anything to save a few dollars. If they come into Portland Oregon, which is our guess, they may even connect with Karen because that is one of her regular runs in her alternative career as a trucker(ess)! So no real idea when they will show up.

For now, just a reminded of how Tuan Jie all began (yes, those wretched book adverts again) – and then more pictures of ‘Togetherness’.

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb
As you can see, the covers say it all – loving gay guys, acrobatics, Tuan Jie symbolised and scenes of adventure… and misadventure. Enjoy! And now:











bar buddies

Those pics of two guys together (gay or not) sharing something, an arm around each others’ shoulders, just ‘do it’ for me, sharing stuff that guys enjoy together – and as for that guy in the blue trunks in the previous picture… just look at their faces…


Whatever you do – and whoever you do it with: enjoy! Nobody gets out of this alive, so make the most of the time you have!

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