“Dad’s Irked!”


I was foolish enough to use the word ‘irked’ the other day in front of my son Leo who, as an American born and bred, maybe doesn’t hear the word very often. I never have come to grips with different US usage of English. Now he’s using it about 100 times a day and spreading it around his friends, taking every opportunity to ask me ‘are you irked again?’


By the way, today’s gallery theme, for no particular reason, is

Briefs and Short Shorts


Well, I was ‘irked’. Ever since that stupid woman at the gym center had a go at me about my teaching methods, I seem to have been ‘irked’ about an awful lot of things recently. I think it’s just a phase, but silly little things are starting to annoy me and just seem to be piling up on me. Irksome indeed.

backup swimwear

And, inevitably, I’m getting irked at the number of times Leo and his mates (and Jaymee too, now) are finding excuses to use the word in front of me…


Perhaps the most irksome thing is that we have decided that we can’t do the fitness training for the group of 10yo boys either in any part of the private gym nor, really, in our own training cabin – mainly due to the multiple usage of our cabin along with the risk that people will inadvertently appear naked in front of them, as well as the space. And the same goes even for the smaller section of the private gym, really, which with the exception of ‘our’ lot is (rightly) really restricted to the over 16s at least.

hitch up

Meanwhile, Stevie and Josh’s basement will remain the venue: their dad seems totally happy to cram even more sweaty boys down there but, my goodness, with six of them and (usually) two of us trying to exercise down there, it gets very hot and humid! And there is not enough height to start the boys doing even simple acrobatics like ‘stand on shoulders’ – they are growing fast. So, although OK for now, it’s irksome in the long term and we shall have to find another solution which is accessible to all of us.


Another ‘irk’, while we’re on the subject, is the steady stream of inappropriate requests I receive, usually by e-mail but sometimes in unpublishable comments, from people who want to see “younger boys, preferably naked” on this site. Gentlemen (I assume you are gentlemen), that is NOT going to happen. This site is primarily about fitness in young adults – gay or not, we have no interest in small boys, we do not look for such images on the net, we do not harvest such images and have none to share here. So please desist from such requests, which will not be posted and are entirely inappropriate.

Yes – just fitness in the late teens and early adult generation. Oh, and trying to sell books – I’ll admit that one.

Cover1 ThumbLoving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

And about being gay and gay love, from time to time. Because we are.

ready for anything

sock speedo

Doesn’t Speedos and long socks seem a bit strange?


ripped 8

Nice to see some gyms tolerating shirtless training and more… I see more pictures of guys these days training in just underpants in apparently ‘public’ places:


…and even in car parks (??):


Well, it makes a good photoshoot maybe!






Gym training doesn’t have to be indoors:



More showing off:


Hope those wern’t too ‘irksome’ for you…

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4 Responses to “Dad’s Irked!”

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I thought about your final comment for a while before responding. I don’t need to tell you about the dangers of the internet itself, but another item comes to mind relative to your statement about inappropriate photo requests. You are right to reject them, but danger signals exist. I have become aware through various standard media outlets (America’s Most Wanted and NBC News in particular) who have followed the 34-year old story of Johnny Gosch. You can access his Mother’s website at JohnnyGoschfoundation.org to read her story and see the photos she has received through the years. I will warn you that it is disturbing, but not pornographic. She has been interviewed by many legitimate news outlets. A retired NYPD detective has been helping to investigate the incident. The detective claimed in an interview on the local NBC station in the city from which a nearly 13-year old Johnny Gosch disappeared stated that he has a friend in the CIA who confirmed to him that a vast network of pedophiles is now operated by a combined FBI/CIA operation. You can find multiple Johnny Gosch items through Google. Included is an interview/story about a man who contacted America’s Most Wanted stating that he, as a 16 year old boy, was forced to participate in the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch. The man’s description, according to the story checked out where the location and description of the ranch where Johnny Gosch was originally imprisoned was found to be truthful. I know the information is a bit scary, but it seems that dangerous people may have found your blog. I think your general attitude mkes the kids in your life safe, but this last statement about people wanting to see naked boys is frightening in this context. As I’m sure you always are, BE SAFE.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Thanks for this interesting (and indeed disturbing) story which we didn’t know about. Indeed, we stick pretty much with fit and athletic lads showing what they can do, and avoid the murky stuff 100%. Any presentation of gay love, which IS acceptable in our view, is in a ‘loving’ context here and not porn. But I have to agree that repeating my disclaimer from time to time will do no harm.

      • Platinumboy says:

        My point, of course, was only that you are very open about your practices and beliefs. Consequently, creepy (in my opinion) people may misunderstand your practices and think you are interested n something you’re not. Because I was raised by a Father who practiced in-home naturism overnight when most couldn’t see him, I understand your point of view. Have fun! Maybe one day we’ll meet. I’d love to learn more about my grandfsather’s birthplace, Cardiff, Wales.

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