Don’t ‘Irk’ the ‘Nerk’


After causing unwarranted merriment by using the rather British phrase ‘Irksome’ to my American-born son Leo, and getting it fed back to me by all his friends with great mirth, I realise that I have scored a partial “own goal” by referring occasionally to boys who do something silly in gymnastics classes, or don’t understand simple instructions, as ‘Nerks’ – a hopefully meaningless word which I must have conjured out of the air as in ‘Don’t be a nerk!’

Leo's fateObviously, ‘irk’ rhymes with ‘nerk’ and one only needs to apply 14yo schoolboy humour…

I think I have called people ‘nerks’ for years. So I just looked it up in the dictionary and it isn’t there. Not with an ‘e’ nor with an ‘i’. The nearest word I can find is ‘nerka’ which appears to be a native American word from the north-west coast referring to a sockeye salmon. So I suppose that calling someone a ‘nerk’ when he does something stupid is better than a slap in the face with a wet fish…

Leo has been warned! See picture above left… (with thanks to Ian for finding that)


We’ll continue the picture theme of

Boys Having Fun Together


One that’s a bit different (and a bit gay):

how to shower

pool boys

And then, anticipating winter weather:

snow tumblr_obtc5a2K281ukxygno1_1280

Get in training now. Back to the beach, though:


What’s going on here?


This one’s easier to explain: ballet, methinks:


Some variations on a theme:




Lifters have fun just showing off what they’ve built together:

beach bodies

two fine specimens

Bar boys too:


Or you can just ‘nerk’ around in the gym when you should be lifting:


Before the finale, the inevitable:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbObviously, supporting this blog through book purchase would be greatly appreciated by me and, I hope, by you: gay love, acrobatic adventures, circus tales and some scary stuff…

And, finally for today, a warning to Leo: for the irksome nerk, here is the final solution!


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