Back in the US of A

Muscled male model posing in studio

“Is This OK?” Today’s Gallery Theme!

Boys being intensely proud of what they have developed through their fitness programmes – but never satisfied! That’s our pictures for today.

“In other news”: our long-lost Tuan Jie colleagues Ethan and Jack are back on US soil, apparently, after their cargo ship transit form the east coast of Australia. Details are emerging (like you read in the papers!) of why they chose this bizarre way to return from their epic adventures in Oz and New Zealand: as they ended up doing a professional circus tour they needed to acquire equipment (bed of nails, balance pedestals etc.) and they want to keep them, so flying home was a bit awkward. My assumption that they would end up in Portland appears to be wrong: they are further north, somewhere at a cargo terminal in Puget sound I think and, due to some customs and immigration complication, unable to leave the ship with their trophies until tomorrow. As predicted, they are hoping that Karen might have a trip over there in her truck and, as it happens, in just over a week, she will (but to Oregon, so there’s some negotiation to be done over that!).

gym ball

Maybe a week to fill, then. Nothing daunted, our confederates have been on their phones: “We’ve fixed up a week’s gig in a club in Seattle!” Well, that’ll pass the time, no doubt, and earn them a few extra bucks while they figure out a way to meet up with Karen for a ride back here.

check me out!

I tell you, it’s gonna be one huge celebration when they do finally make it here – ten of us back together in our special union of gay love. It started off as a backpacking break, but they started doing street performances with their head-balancing act and, somehow, they just haven’t been able to let go ever since! What they will do next, we have no idea. Ethan’s parents still live here in town, but Jack’s family is in Toronto. And all they know is performance. They’ve done far more of that than we ever have. Oh well, we’ll see!


Guess we’ll be checking them out, and them us. And all thirty-somethings who should know better, as my mother would no doubt put it.

locker room (2)

Locker rooms are such excellent places for fit lads to take selfies… not for nothing, those mirrors…

locker room

..and gyms themselves, of course…

lose the vest

(Why didn’t he lose the vest?)





The first part...The second part...Now you’ve scrolled down this far, let me tell you a joke. My favourite Brit newspaper has been running a series of idiotic and idiosyncratic announcements on public transport. This one relates to all of us past or present ‘circus boys’: The conductor on a train from Knaresborough to Leeds made the usual announcement about collecting all of your personal belongings before leaving the train… and then added; “Any children left behind will be sold to the circus!” It was said that there was rush to the exit doors, but some children hung back, hopefully…

Cover 3 ThumbNow where was I with the ‘check-me-out’ pix? Oh yes…


(Question: should he have dyed the eyebrows to match the hair? or was it the muscles he wants us to admire?)

shoulders arms


The props don’t disguise the fact that this next guy is showing off…



Double dealers!




And a ‘two-for-the-price-of-one’ finale!


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