‘On The Mats, Lads’


In our gymnastics classes, ‘On the mats, lads!’ usually means a bit of conditioning – like these two doing the ‘plank hold’. But in our mainly gay private gym, it frequently means wrestling, something most gay guys want to do and which many of the fitter ones make sure they do do! Occasionally (but not in our facilities), it can mean a ring, too…


…what a wonderful open-air facility they have there – perfect for a bit of punishment!

In our gyms, ring means something entirely different…

iron cross

…quite! We do employ bits of apparatus for conditioning, of course…


…but let’s just go with the mats, for now…


That looks like a garage conversion!


Out comes the oil:


And sometimes the clothes come right off…


…well, in our gay setting they do, anyway! But it’s really about skin on skin, muscle against muscle…



Some of us enjoy use of the feet…


…’foot-fighting’ can be fun. Then a little after-wrestle massage?


Actually, Indian wrestlers seem to prefer a pit of sand to a mat for the actual contest!

A mat is a good place to pose for a selfie, I suppose…

river viiperi special (21)

…and to indulge in some strange test of strength…

mat duel

Time for a bit of contortion?



Take your mat on a voyage?

abs tumblr_m5289kn_BNh1qarksao2_500

And some ‘crunches’ to finish off that conditioning…


OK. Enough of a workout on the mats for today? Relax now, and curl up with a good book: clicking on the covers would do no harm…

The first part...

The second part...Cover 3 Thumb


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