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Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Couples’


Our wayward acrobat friends Ethan and Jack, currently performing in a club in Seattle, seem to have fallen on their feet again – secured a ride 300 miles south with a gay-friendly club-goer who is also a delivery driver. That’s 300 miles closer to where Karen might be able to pick them, and their stuff, up when she does her monthly trucker run out to Oregon.

So we’re a little closer to our great Tuan Jie reunion! I think by now  that every reader here knows what that means! If you’re not – see the books recommended at the end of this post! Shared gay love with no restrictions – 10 guys all ‘cleared’ for action by new tests – the boys already did theirs in Seattle, while Leon and Dane have done the same up in Lexington and the rest of us are due in Dr (friend) Nathan’s office tomorrow…


Hmmm. I’m sure you can figure out that, since we haven’t seen Ethan and Jack in two years because of their touring wanderlust, there’s going to be one hell of a celebration. We trust one another, of course, not to have ‘strayed’, but we all agreed from the outset that every once in a while we would have a mass re-test, no exceptions. And this seems like one of those times.


If they do manage to link up with Karen’s truck, we should see them the middle of next week – she is setting off tomorrow and it’s quite a distance from Tennessee!


short speedos pair

Until then, it is ‘business as usual’ with the rest of us, of course – and a bit of work and training thrown in. And, with the new generation taking over our training cabin, plus their friends showing up all hours, fitting our own training in is becoming quite a challenge. Ivo is thinking of posting a timetable!


It won’t be followed, of course, but it might make the point to Leo and Jaymee and their friends that we established the cabin more than 15 years ago and we’re going to fight for our rights!



First up in the morning is always Ivo and Pete, doing a quick warm-up and them getting in some weights before they head off to open up the gymnastics center for the early before-school ‘tyro’ sessions. Meanwhile, my son Leo is out of his bed, several sets of bodyweight exercises in his bedroom training space, then its pulling on a pair of shorts to do a proper warmup running circuits around the yard before stripping off again in the cabin to work through his balance routines, usually with Jaymee. After which she leaves Leo and his assorted male friends to it, they having shown up at intervals. They’re doing weights and other ‘tyro’ stuff like nail beds.


At some point in all this Dave and I will show up for our own early morning session, usually as the boys depart for High School, showering and reluctantly pulling shirts on, or carrying them as long as possible before entering the school grounds. Sometimes Leo and Chris want the odd cinder block broken on their stomachs, just to  keep them in trim with that… or they will do it for each other. And that’s on the nail bed – real professionals!


Then, briefly, it’s Dave and I and maybe Chris’s dad Steve from up the road – we start later because our coaching sessions are usually later and cover evenings quite frequently. Somehow, everyone gets what they want out of the cabin because the boys usually go to the other gym after school, leaving the coast free for Jaymee, her mum and her partner Clare to practice their fakir stuff, stretch Jaymee and all the other things needed to keep everyone in ‘performance’ shape. Busy, busy… – not to mention the private fitness coaching we’re now fitting in for a group of really young ones…


As an aside, that’s one way to get a real good handstand shape, pushing yourself straight against the rubber strands. This, on the other hand, is a very bad way, not least because the kid on the ‘top’ is facing the wrong way and they have an awful hand grip as a result – but he’s having fun with his dad, so what the hell…


But that wasn’t really the sort of ‘couple’ I had in mind when I planned this picture theme.


Yep, it was definitely the ‘loving gay couple’ theme I had in mind! No presumptions about anyone’s sexuality in these or previous pix, of course.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset


Well, that’s one way to get a kiss…


And, as I was saying, here’s some clues to ourselves which you might like to discover:

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 Thumb



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