Sorry, Been a Bit Busy!


Sorry for the pause in posts. As you should be aware, we had Ethan and Jack come back to join us on Sunday after more than two years away performing on the streets, and later in a circus, in Australia and New Zealand. And, as they are two of our trusted Tuan Jie group, we had a lot of catching up to do – every which way!


Since Clare’s partner Karen was driving them home in her truck from Oregon, Clare decided that we should all have a grand dinner on Sunday evening – ten Tuan Jie, the two girls (also re-united, but only after a few days) and the two young-uns Leo and Jaymee. Sunday morning, Clare was issuing orders – peel these, wash that… lunch was almost forbidden in order to conserve ourselves for the feast, and Dave and I with Leon and Dane down from Lexington were assigned to yard duties, watering the shrubs.


Obviously we don’t have sculpture in our yard – nor, sadly, an unknown muscular lad in red trackies… our yard is, of course, overlooked by neighbours and so, despite the continuing heat, we needed Speedos at least. Soon, we were all as wet as the shrubs we were supposed to be watering (still arseing around, even in our 30’s!), and we lay down on some dry grass to let the sun dry us off. Conversation flagged, and we took to a little dozing with the sun on our backs. Not even enough energy for a few sit-ups, like these guys:


I obviously dropped off because the next thing I knew was someone’s head on my back, between the shoulder blades – bearing someone’s whole weight – Jack, of course, in his classic free head balance mode! And Ethan pushing his toes into my face…

This next guy is not Jack (nor Ethan) – apart from their Tuan Jie mark, their only tattoos are a matching pair of little lions on their abdomens – but you get the idea:


Well, from there on, things could only get better. After the amazing meal for 14, everyone except the young-uns went to the private gym for a very long and mainly entirely private session of wrestling and getting up, close and, erm, comfortable.


Ethan had chosen to let his parents think that they would be arriving the following day – he and Jack will stay there for a bit while they decide what to do next. So we basically had the whole night at our disposal, with only Ivo and Pete having to leave – eventually – to open the gymnastics center for the early-morning trainers. Lots of ‘positions’ were explored…


…after all: with ten acrobatic gay lovers in one place for a few hours, things happen ‘every which way’…


The last few days have passed in a bit of a blur, with little time to post, so sorry for that. Things have calmed down now, Ethan and Jack have found some casual work to keep the dollars coming in, and are staying for the time being in Ethan’s former single room in his parents’ quite small house. Strong and flexible after almost four years of continuous performance, they are catching up on weight training and the resistance machines big time, and we are considering integrating with them again for some shows we have been asked to do in the Fall.


Once upon a time they used to include trapeze in their shows, with Ethan finally descending from about 30 feet in his so-called ‘death plunge’, to be saved by us catching him under the chest and legs just clear of the pointy knives we left under there for effect! However, head balancing (with arm balancing) has been the core of their act recently – Ethan on Jack’s foot as he lays on the nails, for example, Jack on Ethan’s head as Ethan walks the glass, up and over a stepladder and a sword bed…



I have no doubt that the two of them will move on eventually – Toronto calls (Jack’s family), and I do not think they have tired of the circus, even if we have! In the meaning, the training (weights, acro etc.) goes on for all of us:




For the moment, it’s just like the old times depicted in these books, in which Ethan appears as a cheeky 15yo school kid with a natural talent for acrobatics who (correctly) realises that he is gay. Re-reading the bit where he meets Jack for the first time and then they get separated by 1000 miles with little hope of getting it together still brings a sense of a tear in the eye to me – even though I wrote it!

The first part...The second part...Just for completeness, there’s a third one too:

Cover 3 Thumb

Still love those silhouette acrobats, too, an idea from my friend Roman which was inspirational!

And so, amidst all this ‘domestic’ excitement, we continue to teach and to promote fitness: here, a few more hopefully inspirational (that word again!) images to complete the post – the first ones with young guys clearly sharing the enjoyment. I’ll try to get back to a normal posting schedule of at least every other day from now on. Promise!







A great one to end on, n’est pas?

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2 Responses to Sorry, Been a Bit Busy!

  1. bacarat says:

    Can you tsll us mre about this? I’d care to find ouut some additional information.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Gosh! This is ancient history now. For explanations of who’s who and where’s where go to other blog posts around the time. Clearly detail will come from my first three books as to who these guys are. Also I shall post an update on our situation shortly.

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