Keeping Us Busy



Just like these guys, we enjoy ‘fun’ acrobatics as well as the serious stuff we need for our occasional performances. And, having Ethan and Jack back with us after over two years, we have a lot of catching up to do in that department! It’s still plenty warm enough here to be doing it in the ‘great outdoors’, too.


Actually, a high probability of rain today, but it will be 33C (91F) again by mid-week. Of course, Ethan and Jack have been keeping the other eight of us busy in other ways…


…an insatiable appetite for it, you might say.

But, in the more acrobatic way, they’ve been making sure that we’ve been training as hard as they have – checking out our flexibility for example:



…our strength and development…



…and whether we remember their cunning wrestling moves…



In the midst of all this ‘fun’ – and many hours spent with them in the private gym doing all of that stuff – there is “work” to fit in! Training the gymnasts…


…well, not him – he’s an Olympian and so far, from our corner of Tennessee, we haven’t produced any of those! Nile Wilson (UK) by the way.

So, the grand re-union has happened, and I think we’ve all passed each other’s tests and lived up to each other’s expectations. Like enjoying weird stuff, for example…


…being shirtless, even in the rain…


…and of course, being barefoot when possible too…


…and, of course, the rest! But, just to be clear, we don’t train naked all the time!


So there we are. Life returning to pretty much how it used to be before Ethan and Jack went off on their world tour. With one interesting difference – our kids Leo and Jaymee have grown up a lot, and developed their acrobatic skills a lot. Ethan and Jack seem very impressed, and have made sure that the young ‘uns make good use of their new balance pedestal – a triple, which allows for rotations during arm balancing and also has two blocks with slightly dished surfaces for their simultaneous free head balances, which Leo at least wants to try. He found a video of a Korean guy who makes a series of jumps on his head up a line of blocks – but that is definitely off the agenda for everyone because it has a real chance of compressing and damaging the top of the spinal column. As does Leo’s other YouTube find of a Chinese bloke who jumps a skipping rope in a free head balance. So we won’t be going there either!

Just maintaining the best fitness and balance capabilities that we can in our increasingly old age!





So keep up the hard work, folks!



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2 Responses to Keeping Us Busy

  1. Platinumboy7 says:

    It would be nice if you gave us a list of your public events so those of us who would be interested might attend if you are near us.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      Actually we do very few public shows these days – we’re claiming to be getting too old for it and now deep into coaching and teaching instead. Ethan and Jack, on the other hand, seem unstoppable and are back in USA of course. I’ll ask them what they plan next – who knows, could be NJ!

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