“Only Sporty Girls Need Apply”


Now who are they trying to attract, I wonder?

A rare spat between my son Leo and his best friend Chris yesterday after school.

They both came back to train with the ladies on some fire stuff – breaking lumber across their backs which just happens to have been dipped in kerosene and set on fire – but is only in contact for a microsecond, so no sweat! Then Jaymee (Dave’s daughter) announced that she was going to a movie in the evening with her friends (and their boyfriends I suppose) and would Chris like to join her?

Now Chris has had Jaymee in his sights for a long time, but the feelings didn’t seem to be reciprocated – until now! – although they work together ‘professionally’ – we set up a show with the four kids for summer camp, for example. Sadly, Leo’s ‘squeeze’, Karla, who actually stayed with us a while and was young team member number 4, has now left the district following her parent’s marriage breakup.

Normally, Leo and Chris are as close as two straight boys can ever be, especially in their fitness and acrobatic endeavours.


But having no girl to take to the flicks seemed to be a ‘last straw’ for Leo, who threw a sulk and told Chris to ‘just go, then’ if he didn’t want to spend the evening with him.

I do feel sorry for Leo. He has been coming over to the gym center whenever Jaymee goes to her competitive acrobatic gym class, hanging around in the sidelines and trying to impress some of the girls with his own handstands and whatnot. Shirtless and show-off, of course. He thinks of Jaymee as his sister, since they grew up together from day 1, and is fiercely protective – if anyone was to make it with her, he would surely want it to be his best friend. But something seemed to snap yesterday. Shrugged, turned his back on Chris and stomped off into the house.


Boys faces can be really full of expression!


Oh dear. Dave was away helping Pete and Ivo with an extra coaching shift, and Ethan was reluctantly spending time visit relatives with his parents. His partner, Jack, was chilling with me and watched this drama unfold. ‘Let’s get him down to the gym,’ he suggested. ‘Sweat it out of him.’


Turned out to be a great idea. When we entered the gym after the mandated shower, we found it almost empty. A couple of guys on the resistance machines, and three young twenty-somethings in a wrestling tangle on the mats. Immediately they called over Leo – ‘Want to make this a proper four-way tag? Losers get a beating?’ Of course, Leo was ‘in’ with that immediately. I think the idea of losing and getting the strap across his back felt appealing with the mood he was in.

(Don’t have a foursome wrestle pic to hand, so I’ll throw in the dreaded ‘spladdle’…)


Jack looked at me and at the empty oil pit. ‘Us, oil, loser gets f***ed?’ Well, we’re in a group free to do that and, yes, it was good. I won. The aftermath was conducted privately, of course. The gym, always gay-tolerant, now forces a strict separation for such activities since younger members have been admitted.

All three of us happy when we left, then, and Leo more willing to talk with us over a Subway sandwich. He is desperate for a girlfriend that he can respect, and that means fit and sporty, not like most of the girls in his year at High School (and he’s tried a fair few of them, actually!). Hence the strapline for this post. But readers here are unlikely to be 14-ish yo girls seeking a sport-mad fitness-freak boyfriend, so I think he needs to keep the search going elsewhere.


And this morning? Chris over as normal for the pre-school training in our cabin, just as if nothing had happened – if anything, Chris seemed to be extra-caring and encouraging. Good friends don’t let a rare disagreement get in the way. And Jaymee also in attendance, no doubt watching ‘her’ Chris work his muscles but also being strictly ‘professional’ and getting on with her own workout. Apparently (she told Dave) the film was great: little said about the ‘date’, but they were back quite early – well before we were.

Gay or straight, falling in love can be a challenge!

Here’s how Dave and I did it.


Just in case there are some fit teen girls reading this, some equally fit young eye candy follows. But I bet it will be the guys here that most enjoy it!














Yes, those bars are great for developing the upper body! Let’s finish where we started, with weights buddies encouraging each other. In this case, the one on the right needs to ‘push’ the one on the left to making some gains – I’m sure he will. Enjoy your own fitness program!


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