The Fat Lady Sings


Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Wet or Sweat?’


A slight apology is due, I suspect, to the lady featured in the previous post. Especially as it was titled ‘Good Relations’! But the lady I question was, indeed, very large. No. It’s about Leo and Chris’s new swimmer friend, who wants to engage with them on their weights (particularly) and enjoys wrestling, too. An extremely pleasant African American boy, slightly younger than Leo, who joined the swimming trips in the summer. Happily went skinny-dipping with the rest, apparently.

Here in Tennessee, relationships between the races aren’t always entirely comfortable. As a Brit, I have failed to get to grips with the situation here, which is do different from UK. You do have to be careful what you say here, sometimes. Anyway, his Mom came around and gave him a flea in his ear for being here, as I related.


So, our boys (and this new friend) certainly like to get wet – and they are never happier than when they are sweating it out in the gym either – weights, wrestling, acrobatics… – hence our picture theme today.


So this boy’s mom showed up in our yard and met Clare. The brief meeting seems to have worked some magic, for today we had a phone call – ‘Are you sure its OK for him to spend time with you?’

I actually think she was afraid that her ‘young gentleman of colour’ would have been an unwelcome presence here. Far from it! If he’s sporty and enjoys what the kids enjoy, he’s ‘in’ – whether he’s white, black, blue or green! And we’re really pleased that ‘our’ half-American kids are not following the prejudices of the town.

He’s here now, and I think his other mate who was in the swimming party will be a regular visitor too. We really have lost our training cabin to the next generation: they’re enjoying it just as much as we did – and we’re in there ourselves as much as possible, when there’s room! Sweating it out…


Can’t get enough of it! If only the sea was closer to TN…




Interestingly, we got seriously wet (as well as frequently sweaty) in the third of my books:


Click on that cover for more info. You might like the first two as well:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Now, where were we?









This last boy’s definitely at ease being wet!



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