More for Brett

In addition to the advice to my straight e-mail correspondent Brett about his wanting to sample naked wrestling with his friends which was in yesterday’s post and in the useful comment subsequently added by Platinumboy, a couple more thoughts occurred to me.

But first, let’s get the pictures going.

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Show Off those Shoulders’


The discussion about naked wrestling triggered a memory, and I ferreted about in the back of cupboard last evening and found two old VHS tapes – one called ‘Wrestle’ and the other called ‘Wrestle Club’. The first one shows an assortment of Czech lads wrestling naked in various environments (including a swimming pool) with no hint of sex at all – and no hint of a result, either… in each of the ten-minute segments, there are no submissions or winners and the combatants just fall apart exhausted (which is actually rather a good way of enjoying the experience!).


‘Wrestle Club’ may (or may not) be fiction. It features a group of six guys who meet up each Saturday morning in some private place with mats to wrestle for the prize of a bottle of beer, apparently continuing a college tradition. One is a happily married guy with a kid; another has a girlfriend who wants to watch (but the married guy vetos that!)… the others are not specifically labelled straight or gay, and the wrestling is indeed naked but again there is no sexual content. They wrestle in pairs drawn by lots and it is some sort of knockout competition, the final victor getting the bottle (and having to supply the bottle for the following week).


Whilst the story may be contrived, my point here (for Brett) is that the naked wrestling is shown to deliberately include straight guys, who appear to find it a perfectly rational pastime which is entirely consistent with their ‘straight’ status in the case of at least two of them. And their Saturday morning does seem to be entirely about wrestling. So get in there, Brett, give it a try as I suggested yesterday!


Once again, Brett, I hope that the accompanying pictures are an inspiration to get those dumbbells working for you. There is no such thing as a ‘wimp’ or a ‘weed’ – I see instead ‘a body ready for improvement’. Show off what you have, and see it improve!





(Sorry, that one is tiny, but look at those traps as well as the shoulders! Great bicep on this next one, too…)




And what works those shoulders best…?







And the inevitable…

Cover 3 ThumbLoving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

By the way. Those tapes are in European PAL format (I brought them from UK). We have a machine which will convert tapes to DVD in line with modern trends, but these tapes won’t allow that because of copyright. Yet few people have VHS players these days. If anyone knows a way around the block on copying them to DVD for personal use only, which ought to be allowed, please let me know!



…and a Tennessee muscle boy (not one of our own, alas) to finish. Go get ’em, Brett!


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