Invitations and Challenges


Hmmm. A fair bit about wrestling in today’s post. But you have to admit that if you are going to throttled by a bicep, that’s a great bicep to be throttled by!

Also: spoiler alert!! Just for once, at the end of this post there will be two wrestling pics in which the combatants are naked and have those additional parts of the anatomy showing which are normally forbidden here… I’m classing them as ‘artistic’ – but you have been duly warned.

NO – don’t scroll straight down…


Horrible tats, there – but the schoolboy pin looks fun…

BUT FIRST: Clare and I took tea yesterday with Theo’s mum. That’s Leo and Chris’s new Af-Am friend, whose mother appeared here all of a fluster a couple of weeks back, worrying if it was OK for her boy to be here. I may be a gay man, and Clare a lesbian but, as we are Leo’s birth parents and share the same household, we do sometimes get taken for ‘straight’ (normal) parents. This was one of the times. Clare made a special cake to take with us (she does that sort of thing!).

We enjoyed it. The lady has made a great job of raising her boy since the father walked out when he was aged two. She depends heavily on the church, and rules with a rod of iron. She is also painfully aware of how some folks in these parts regard the ‘place’ in society of the coloured community, and needed to reassure herself that it really is OK that Theo and his bosom pal Errol from the next-door home can share with ‘your great sporting boys’ (we had to explain that Chris isn’t ‘ours’ – although he spends so much time here that it is an easy mistake to make!).


‘Platinumboy’ made an extensive and valuable comment to the earlier posts about Theo and Errol, explaining the ‘history’ of race relations in these parts (I’m a Brit and somewhat naïve on these matters, coming from a country where integration is pretty much ‘normal’). As far as we all are concerned, and friends of Leo (or Jaymee) are welcome in our home – and into our training cabin for weights, wrestling, acrobatics and anything else they want to try! Theo and Errol are in the High School swim team, so hardly need encouraging to be ‘sporty’… anyway, that’s how Theo’s Mom sees it – and they first got together with our crew for wild swimming sessions in the summer in the Clinch. Good luck to ’em!




I confess that we didn’t actually raise the point that we are both homosexual, but I’m sure Leo will find a way of telling his friends – in fact, probably has already. Will they care? Hope not. Will they tell their mums – and how would they react? Don’t know! Time will tell…

OK, back to the gay stuff, and another invitation. Perhaps in response to this blog – who knows – another secretive gay wrestling group has raised its head above the parapet and invited (initially) the gay adult members of the wrestle club in Lexington where our Tuan Jie colleagues Leon and Dane train and coach. I’ve been asked not to say where it is – but it is quite a drive from here. The full Tuan Jie team are going, using our camping bus: Leon and Karen will share the driving – yes, Karen and Clare, as honorary boys and anyway gay, get to go too – Ron’s private gym here is sending a few more by car. The place we’re going is happily inter-racial, we’re told, which would horrify our local private gym’s original owner Chad… but that’s how it is around here, as I’ve often told.


It’s a whole weekend – they offer accommodation in their assorted homes but we shall use our camping bus. As befits an ‘underground’ wrestle club, the style is ‘submission’ – speedos, rip ‘n strip, naked, oil… they don’t appear to offer Indian style on a dirt floor, but who knows…


I think they have a proper ring, which we don’t and which we have no experience of, so that could be interesting…


I don’t expect they offer mud or sand, which is fun too…



So, we need to get in a bit of training, back at base…


…stock up on the oil…



I think it is going to be fun. We’ll need to make clear that we don’t indulge in post-match sex after bouts except with “our own” – all this ‘closed brotherhood’ safe-sex stuff is explained here:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…but, for any gay ‘boy’ (including us ‘ageing’ ones!) the opportunity to get up close to another sporting fit body, muscle against muscle, sweat mixing with sweat… is not to be missed!



…not forgetting the bit about wanting to be the ‘dominant male’, of course.  It really is mainly about the wrestling – the naked part is just for convenience – who needs a sweaty wet tangle of clothing restricting your movements on the mats? Well, that’s our story, and we’re sticking with it.

our hosts have found out that we do acrobatic and fakir shows, so all that stuff is going with us as well.

Leo will spend the weekend hiking with Chris’s family in the Smokies, Jaymee will be away at an acrobatic gymnastics competition, so no conflicts of interest there either. A fun break for all, in fact. And the bunks in the camping bus are pretty comfortable, too… 5 couples, plus the girls down at the back…


I let you know how it goes. But there’ll be another post before the weekend in any case, I hope.

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1 Response to Invitations and Challenges

  1. Platinumboy says:

    It looks like things worked out pretty well with Theo’s Mom. I’m glad for that. I’m also glad you’re open to learning about the local culture. Sometimes we’re pretty strange. I don’t quite understand the political value of keeping the races n this country at odds with each other, but I’ve read many articles over the years that both the Democratic and Republican Parties want it that way and spend millions of dollars a year paying Jesse Jackson and his like to cause strife. Thanks for doing your part to keep America united. Maybe one day you and I will be able to meet and get to know each other. Have a great day!

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