“This is Going to End Badly…”

I’m writing this as we return – much earlier than planned – from an invitation to a previously unknown (to us) gay wrestling club. ‘We’ being a group from our own private gym (the ten Tuan Jie on our camping bus plus a couple of cars) and some other guys from the wrestle club in Lexington KY.


The quote in the title is from Ron – an avid submission wrestler and currently the supervisor of our local very private gym, where the members have to be dedicated to fitness big time and where wrestling is only part of the fare on offer – weights and resistance machines, full-on bodybuilding and acrobatic gymnastics being the other main features. Likewise, the Lexington wrestle club is very much for all ages, and the ‘gay’ bit only functions late on a Saturday evening… but again, they are all a superbly fit lot. It was his first words on being shown into their private basement …


So, yes, we were expecting to get naked, get covered in oil and do all the usual stuff…


… (well, maybe it’s usually a bit more crowded than that, but you get the idea)… oily and ‘rip ‘n strip’ is fun…



What we hadn’t bargained for was 50% of them being fat ugly ‘bears’, and many of the so-called ‘gay partnerships’ being effectively ‘master/slave’ relationships… and they were offended because we didn’t all rush to volunteer ourselves for after-match sex (we don’t, although one couple from Lexington which I featured briefly in my books still do, but that’s up to them – yes, Luke, you  know who I mean…).

Not our scene.

Add to that, we had agreed to do a show featuring acrobatics and our simpler fakir stuff, only to find a ceiling height of just about eight feet… so no pitching/flying, no significant partner balance one on another, and not really even a safe height for basic tumbling.

Reduced to a few low-height counterbalances like this one…


…and some solo work…


…like that. But even then, most of the ‘locals’ seemed more interested in getting stuck into some weird stuff of their own…


Well, yes, its fun now and again (with your friends), and, yes, we have. And occasionally, do. But for fun. In that club we visited it seemed more like a religion.

So it didn’t work out at all and we won’t be offering a return match. But full marks to Ron for doing his best to make links with like-minded folk… just that they turned out to be not ‘like-minded’ enough. We do think of ourselves as ordinary guys who just happen to be gay and enjoy the company of other guys: yes, there is sex (within our group of 10 in our specific case)… for safe (underline SAFE) fun. And, most of the time, as the books tell, it works out well enough and we’re all happy. Very happy. Most of the time (see especially end of book and book 3!).

The first part...The second part...Cover 3 ThumbSo, overall, we’ve had a pretty rotten weekend. Hope yours was better. I shall post this just as soon as we get home, before going to bed for a early night. Well, earlier than expected!

After a day and a half of looking at fat sweaty guys (whose sweat seemed their natural environment rather than hard-won in exercise), lets enjoy a few more actually fit young men… starting with a guy in his shed!weights-shed


(get those legs straight, Vince!)



(looks like he’s been weight-training his hair as well as his body…)


(a bit of body oil there, I fancy, to enhance the fantastic ‘rip’…)




And, as soon as this hits the internet, to bed with my lovely partner… a fit and wonderful piece of manhood not least resembling a bear. I couldn’t ever imagine myself in such a relationship, I’m afraid.


Call me prejudiced, if you want.

And finally, a funny from the British ‘West Country’. Scrumpy is cider and mead is a drink made from honey by monks. Pasties are the local meat-pie delicacy and I guess the ducks are in a pond on the village green opposite the shop. Enjoy!


Must take a trip down there if we ever make it back to our little place in Wales. It would be a better way of spending a weekend than the one just passed…


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