Getting the Right Balance at Christmas

Today’s Gallery Theme: Balance and Counter Balance


That – typical of a diver, is one of the best handstand shapes I’ve seen in a long while.

But, meanwhile – Christmas is sorted! We knew that Ethan and Jack, back from two years of circus and street performance down under, wouldn’t ‘sit still’ for long. They’re up in the Toronto area with Jack’s family right now, and seem to have lost no time in booking themselves into a stage show which will run eight weeks from early December. That’s there usual adagio balance and head-balancing stuff… and the show is short of performers, so “Why don’t some of you guys join? They’d like a bit of fakirism thrown in too…”


(Don’t be fooled by that – he’s behind the bottle, on the floor!)

Well, Pete, Ivo, Dave and I are fully immersed in gymnastics coaching, preparing the lads for competitions, right through to early new year at least. But Zach and Gary are up for it and, to our surprise, so are Clare and Karen with their fire and ‘body-burning’ stuff to add to the usual nails and glass.

So it is going to be a six-person team in Canada for the whole eight weeks (January is a quite time for Karen’s trucking activities and she’s owed some time off anyway).


It gets better. Over the actual Christmas / New Year Period, when schools are out, they want to do extra shows which are slightly more kid-oriented, and “Wouldn’t it be great to have Jaymee and Leo do their balance routines as well as interact with the fakir show?” Well, suddenly, our two young ‘uns are over the moon and yes, the whole lot of us, except for Ivo and Pete, will be spending that short holiday period in Canada with Jack’s family’s now huge household (his two siblings are married with kids and they’ll all be here too). Jack’s Mom is apparently delighted at the prospect of having 23 to Christmas Lunch (did I mention Ethan’s parents are going too!)… and there’ll be a show in the afternoon, so maybe that needs to turn into an evening meal instead…


And, as Dave and I will be there the same time as Leo and Jaymee (while the gym center is shut), then just maybe we could thrown our hats into the ring as well…

There’s one ‘head with a sore bear’ grouching around the place, though – Chris, Leo’s best mate and sometime performer also. He’s firmly grounded in Tennessee over Christmas with their own family gathering, much as he would prefer to be with us. But he’s accepting it with good grace, knowing that there are more summer camps to show off in next summer.


Well, that’s certainly brightened everyone up (except Chris!).

The first part...The second part...To any new readers, some of this may need a bit of explanation! Look no further than the books shown here – you can click on the covers to get to more information.

Cover 3 ThumbAnd now, some more ‘balance/counterbalance’ pictures to complete this post:




(“Just checkin’ your chimney stack…!)





(Strength, flexibility and balance – all in one…)


(Another diver, showing his flexibility as well as balance)




(How to use the stairs!)

…And again…




And, finally, the full Monty… see if you can crack this one!


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