“Tough Times Don’t Last…”

“…Tough People Do!”

Read the sign!!




Watching our next generation of lads training before school in the mornings when it is still dark in order to pack in as much fitness training to their day as possible – plus Jaymee as well, focussed on her acrobatics and the strength that needs – I do wonder quite how we managed to inspire them. Are we that dedicated now?? No, not really! Were we? Yes, I think so.

But we spend more time now training the next generation, although we do lift plenty and keep the acrobatics repertoire working as much as we can.



Another message:


Exactly: “No pain, no gain!” Work those legs…


…and shoulders:


Notice that the guy is naked. That’s not a requirement – the effort is the requirement. But the cooling air around the body when exercising is a great feeling and we would most certainly advocate going shirtless.

We do ‘gymnastics’ – literally “the naked art”. But ‘gymnastics’ in the old days was more athletics – performed naked by boys and young men for the enjoyment of older males, with females excluded. These days, some of those performers might well wish NOT to exclude the females. But, for us gays (for such we are), a lot of the enjoyment is working out alongside other fit male bodies that deserve admiration and respect. So we hate to cover up…


If you happen to be a member of one of those commercial gyms which demands a ‘shirts on’ policy for guys on some spurious “health” ground, campaign to get it changed!

Resistance equipment – strands, specialist machines – all should play their part in a good ‘routine’:



…and that ‘routine’ should change regularly to avoid getting stale. In fact, it is the wrong word altogether, but we can’t change that because everyone says it!

We’re lucky enough to have been invited into a very selective private gym which is very gay friendly (but not universally gay) and also very clothes-free friendly. We also have our own secluded training cabin and an outdoor area behind it, so we couldn’t really ask for more. That cabin is where the younger set are into their weights by 5.30am every morning. We follow a bit later!


How it all began, for us…


Yep- the first of three books about being gay fitness freaks (note the silhouettes) – having fun, meeting the lesbians which led to our shared (straight) kids… all there – and here:

cover2-thumbcover-3-thumbA click on one of those covers will lead to you to more information and to the pleasures of the written word (you can invent your own pictures to go with them!)… and help to pay for my next visit to Subway!!

But, meanwhile, some further ‘gymspiration’ to guide you down that ‘right’ path:


Isn’t that vest just soooooo annoying? Boy – we want to see that spread…


…now, that’s better!


And now, back to strands…


By the way, barefoot is great too, so long as you don’t drop free weights on them…


What lifter can’t resist a selfie in those lovely mirrors?


Back to basics now:


Go on: join ‘The Tough People’! No age limit!!


Feel the power grow!


Love that mad hair!!




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2 Responses to “Tough Times Don’t Last…”

  1. Platinumboy says:

    The two photos right after the books would have been a lot more fun if the men were naked. Maybe the next post…?

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