And now – The Russian Eccentrics and their Influence

After yesterdays post on the unexpected public behaviour of Englishmen in the home environment, three things we admire about the Russian nation (and, in particular, Russian guys). First, the Street Workout:



…does wonders for the chest, back, shoulder and arms! And, occasionally, the neck:


We also admire Russian guys (and, indeed, some Russian elderly ladies for that matter) to make use of the great winter freeze-ups to take a dip in the river…


The sea can also be inviting…


You can get in training on the ski slopes…


…easy for us to say, of course, when daytime temperatures are still hitting the mid-70s here! But we have gone under the ice a couple of times, needing to go quite high in the Smokies to find some. But, generally, it’s the river and its side creeks for us…


…even at Christmas. Our friend Cody who lives by the Clinch River swims every day of the year.

Of course, the ice-bath is a well known treatment for tired muscles after exercise, and can also be a social occasion:


What brought this to mind was trying to justify something else Russian we do, though maybe not always for the right reasons. I saw the aforementioned 83-year old babushka being interviewed on TV as she took her daily dip among the ice floes on the river at St. Petersburg. The interviewer commented on her youthful looks and she said that was due to saving her own urine to wash in.

No pictures for that one, then… but it makes scientific sense, because the main constituent is urea and that is the most concentrated chemical ingredient in many skin creams. And we use it as a justification so the occasional gay-wrestling fetish habit of doing it ‘wet’. I don’t think that I need to go into more details but our doctor friend Nate concurs and says you need to leave it one for an hour or so to have any serious effect on re-vitalising the skin. Just about right for a wrestling match and the recovery time after… and wrestling is an excellent way of massaging things into the skin, I would say.

Of course, not all wrestling needs to get quite that messy, as these two Russian lads on their local riverbank show us:


Or, indeed, American lads!



And wrestlers get wet in other ways… seriously sweaty, for one:


…which is both ‘hot’ and ‘kewl’ at the same time.

But, get enough lads together, especially by water, and it  doesn’t take long for someone to get naked…


I’m afraid we’ve all ‘been there, done that’ – all of the above, really. You’ll find it all here:

cover1-thumbLoving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

So: what should I choose to finish off this post?  I guess it has to be the ‘naked’ theme for the moment… assorted ways to enjoy yourself with the freedom of the sun (if lucky) and wind on your skin…

…wait! This next one is probably Far Eastern, but the trees look like those silver birches seen everywhere in Russia!


A little bit acrobatic, too. Here’s a new take on ‘free gym’ – again from the Orient, I would say:


…and then we could translate our acrobatic gymnasts to the beach:


…or pool…


But let’s end where we began… with the Russian ‘bar boys’:


He looks ready for anything – and so do these two!


They make ’em tough in Russia – going shirtless is probably the one thing that Putin has got right!

And, as we head off for an afternoon swim in our Clinch River, I finish with another group of Russian boys preparing for their daily swim. Enjoy!


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