Tales from the Bedroom

Today’s Gallery Theme: ‘Good Results from The Sweat Room’


I am fortunate that my son Leo seems to be totally open with me (and his mum) about his life and times – hence I can bring you this story. Last weekend, his friend Chris and his family had a visit from relatives, including a cousin (I think) and his parents, who stayed a couple of nights. Leo was scheduled to overnight there as well, but I had offered to ‘order’ him home because of the squeeze on space – however, Steve, Chris’s dad, assured me that Chris would want him there as a diversion from the visiting boy.


Turns out the boy – half Latino – was the precise opposite of the other two, physically… skinny, boney, weak and uninvolved in sport. So Chris and Leo showing off at the barbecue in the evening probably didn’t help – cavorting around shirtless and barefoot as they inevitably do, Leo balancing on one arm on Chris’s stomach in ‘bridge’, showing off their strength…


Come bedtime, they were all to share Chris’s room – Leo on the opposite side of his large double bed (as they normally do – no, they’re straight) and the cousin on a camp bed on the floor. Cousin went to the bathroom first and when Leo and Chris joined him together they found him sitting on the end of the bed in his underpants, hands stuffed in…


‘Can I see yours?’

I wonder how many of us have been asked that question when we were their age, in a locker room or in  the apparent ‘privacy’ of a friend’s bedroom. Now Leo and Chris have for years trained in our private cabin on weights and wrestled… naked most of the time because they enjoy the freedom. Leo and Jaymee grew up together playing naked and watching their parents doing their own training in the same way so, in response to cousin’s question, Leo cheerfully pulled his shorts off. Anyway, both he and Chris sleep naked.


Leo, like me, is ‘cut’ because he had a small infection when he was a couple of weeks old, and the doc recommended that solution which I was obviously ‘cool’ with. Chris and the cousin are not, so there was quite a discussion about that. And then the cousin found a way to appear ‘superior’.

‘Do you jerk off?’



What happened next is (mercifully) slightly unclear, because Leo and Chris dissolve into giggles every time the subject comes up. The cousin certainly did, and probably the other two had a go as well. It is hard to be critical, as a gay dad to a straight boy who knows full well what his dad and partner like, and their dad’s friends like…

…what I do know is that both Leo and Chris are as straight as they come – Chris really fancies Jaymee (and she’s starting to respond) while Leo, after a recent disappointment, is currently looking for the perfect sporty and preferably acrobatic girl to show off his balance skills and his rather muscular body to.


Skinny cousin and his parents went home on the Monday, and everything is now back to what passes for ‘normal’. Steve came over to share weights with us yesterday morning, and we all had a good laugh about it as well. And then we wrestled for fun for a few minutes. And I got grabbed in that region because it makes a very good submission hold – by the very straight and upright Steve…

As I say: ‘Boys!’

On which subject:









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And finally, don’t guys just love those locker-room or washroom mirrors for a quick check…?



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2 Responses to Tales from the Bedroom

  1. Platinumboy says:

    Naturally, your description is an illustration of a perfectly normally set of boys displaying their curiosity about what each other looks like and whether they all “perform” the same. I remember being similarly curious when I was a boy. Since my room was in the attic, sometimes my friends and I would compare and discuss. I think it’s healthy, normal and an important part of growing up to do the “compare and contrast” test. The “test” may give them confidence and a sense of reality. Kids tend to learn a little more than if their parents try to teach them, also.

    Your experience, though, reminds me of a since-deleted thread on the Nude Sleepers Forum which apparently took several years to complete. The teen boy, who became an adult during the conversation, led a naked lifestyle on what he described as a “hobby farm”. Many naked non-sexual (naturist-type) adventures were described by Chad to Tallactordude.

    Despite living basically naked all the time (His parents allowed and encouraged their boys, but apparently not their girls to live naked.), he seemed to have grown up naive about sex prior to thirteen. Then it happened.

    He regularly rode his horse while completely naked growing up. Even when he had friends (always male) sleep over, he would sleep naked with them then the pair would ride naked together, unseen, through the woods the next day. In his teen years, he said he considered it normal for he and his friends to develop erections during their rides together, skin to skin, but he didn’t view it as sexual. Interesting.

    The relativity of the story comes one summer day when Chad is thirteen. He stated that as he rode his horse into the barn as his parents worked in the barn, his Mother noticed Chad had a big erection. Chad thought it was normal, but nothing to be concerned about. His Mother, though, decided it was time for Cad’s Father to teach Chad how to “take care of himself” (again, interesting. This time because it was the Mother doing the noticing and the urging of the Father).

    After that, he regularly did so. I was taught by a brother how to take care of myself and I would never have wanted my parents to see me do it, but this boy, now man, stated that whether his Mother or a friend walked into the room while he was in flagrante delicto with himself, he’d complete the task as if nobody were in the room. According to him, everyone would simply wait patiently until he was finished!

    So I suppose the scene you described is repeated perhaps daily throughout the world. Bravo for you for having such an open relationship with Leo and (I suppose) Chris. Unfortunately, according to a Time magazine article I recently read, boys as young as ten regularly access internet porn and believe what they see is real life. Parents today need to get over their fear of “The Talk” if they want their kids to grow up with a realistic idea of what to expect through puberty and beyond. I also think these types of “events” are also ahealthy part of the learning and growing process.

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