Bodybuilder Trials: The ‘Sweat’ Smell of Success…



Only two of our closed fitness acquaintances are actually competitive bodybuilders – Chris’s21yo brother Billy, and the 15-going-on-sixteenopenly gay Canadian boy who is part of my son Leo’s group of close friends. We train a lot, yes, but to maintain strength and fitness, not to build huge muscle, which would certainly get in the way of our athletic 9acrobatic) endeavours.


Anyway, we do have our training cabin, which is popular with friends, and Billy and Jude asked if they could do a ‘lift-off’ on Friday evening as part of their intensive run-up to a competition. 1000 bench-press lifts, to be precise, which is 100 sets of ten, starting at around 200 lb+ on the bar… significantly more than we choose to lift, both in weight and in numbers!!


We don’t have space in the cabin for weights benches (well, only one) because we use floor mats for wrestling and stuff… so our ‘tradition’ has been to use human benches. I was first introduced to this shortly after meeting my partner Dave at age 16 — see Loving the Boy. I shall never forget the satisfaction of feeling my sweaty back against Dave’s brother’s as I did bench presses to ‘prove’ my commitment to fitness… but that’s what the book is all about, so I’ll leave you to discover for yourselves!

So the bodybuilders asked for some ‘backs’, and Dave, Pete, Ivo and I did the honours.


Later, the weights got reduced somewhat and, despite taking breaks, the process took well several hours. Leo and Chris showed up and did some ‘backing’ for Jude as well. The young ‘uns are outrageously fit themselves, but even ‘backing’ takes its toll and we all got exceedingly sweaty and tired – although not as tired as Billy and Jude!


I rarely feature actual bodybuilders in this blog, because that is not the image we are trying to promote. getting ‘cut’ or ‘ripped’ – yes. Building strength – yes, but not at the risk of losing flexibility. So, as you will see here, most of the ‘gymspiration’ images do not show excessive muscle. But we are happy to support these two lads in what they desire, which is cups at an upcoming national competition.


cover2-thumbcover-3-thumbOur preferred route – acrobatics, gymnastics and so forth, including touring with circuses and having (mis)adventures along the road, is documented in that first book and the two subsequent volumes, shown here (click on covers for further information, especially as Christmas sales would be nice!).

Anyway, our bodybuilders survived the evening, after drenching us with sweat, which we don’t mind a bit – it is part of the ‘deal’ of working out…




…a trio of sweaty trainers there, all wearing more than we do I our private places (!!)… and we certainly wouldn’t want to wear a ‘wife-beater’ vest and turn it into a wet rag when doing our  lifting…


And so the ‘gymspiration’ images continue:




Make getting that ‘abs crack’ back your New Year Resolution!






And finally for today, a second rather fine result to complement the excellent back work shown above. Enjoy.



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