The Three-Day Hallow’een

No Hallowe’een pictures here. This is a Hallow’een-free zone.

Although this dude looks like a possible contender, thanks to the lighting:


…although Tommy, our next subject, could I suppose give you a bit of a shock if you met him around a dark corner…


But it was my turn – and my partner Dave’s – to get a shock the other night. What with Hallow’een being extended over the whole weekend as well as its actual night, we have suddenly found ourselves in demand to appear in various groups at various private functions, mainly with fakir stuff (with added fake blood) with some acrobatics thrown in. Bed of nails, glass, and for the girls, fire and (for once) actual body piercing with the hook suspensions (which I thought that they had given up, but ‘No, just this one time…’

So Jamie was rehearsing with her mum and her mum’s partner Clare, and my son Leo has been rehearsing with his mates. We do, of course, trust these near-15yo kids absolutely to understand the safety precautions necessary with such activities and, boy, have they trained hard. So, each of them was quietly rehearsing away (two different occasions) in our private training cabin, with the respective parents present. And they pulled the same trick on both of us.

In my case, I was pottering around with some weights while Leo and Chris were practising the knife drop to the stomach – easy if you train – don’t try it at home – relies on the resilience of tough muscle and the elasticity of skin – while Leo lay on the nails. Suddenly there was an agonised scream, and he rolled sideways on to the floor, clutching on a knife deeply embedded in his stomach (which shouldn’t happen) and blood pouring out of the wound. The groans were very realistic, and I confess to a ‘nightmare’ moment of panic as I thought ‘After all that training, how can this have happened?’

Of course, it was a stage trick knife he bought on the internet: the blade springs up inside the handle and squeezing the handle produces copious fake blood which you have pre-loaded.

He had it ready in his hand of course, to clasp to his stomach for the maximum effect. And Jamie pulled the same trick on Dave and her mum before I had had an opportunity to tell them about Leo.


Of course, the trick is now in our show repertoire!! Maybe not in shows with kids present in the audience, though…

No, we have to do cheerful stuff then!


So, the mums and Jamie did their scary show last night, Leo, Chris, Jamie plus Dave and I are doing one tonight, and some of our colleagues also did one on Saturday night. Hallow’een is a bigger thing in the States than in UK, but we’ve gotten (as they say here) used to it after sixteen years.

And – guess what – just a small election to get through and then it will be Thanksgiving! What a busy place the US of A can be at this time of year!!

We’ve also had Hallow’een parties in our gymnastics center as well as being invited to one that our little 10yo fitness trainees set up. And people are asking me why I don’t work on getting book 4 to a publisher! What time would I have for that, then?

Here’s a reminder of the first three:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

…the fourth has nothing to do with them and is basically fiction: something to look forward to (or to ignore completely: your choice!).

29139739893_d82d65fc5e_oOK. A random collection of fitness pictures follows, which most readers seem to appreciate… although some may feel otherwise: but ignoring them, off we go! Enjoy.

















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