Do It with a Friend (or Two!)


I’ve shared many times here my view that, whatever you like to do, sharing the experience with a like-minder partner makes it infinitely more enjoyable. Just as with the street-workout boys here… something which doesn’t necessary have to involve the bars, of course: there are other ways of showing your strength and skills:


And it obviously applies when you head out to the gym for your usual workout:


I think that the fighting sports are a slightly different situation, depending on whether you are training  with your friend(s) or facing an aggressive challenge from a visiting stranger:



Wrestling, then, another special case:


…a sport where the objective varies according to style. It may be just to pin the other guy’s shoulders to the mat for three seconds, or it may be to inflict sufficient pain and discomfort to force a submission:


…and possibly with some sort of ritual humiliation to follow, for the loser:


(By the way, why is the one guy wearing shoes? Let alone a shirt.)

If you happen to be gay, wrestling takes on a second perspective, because you will almost certainly enjoy the potential for body contact in that special way which straight guys presumably feel less important than the trial of strength and skill. Almost certainly, you will wrestle naked at some point, in the privacy of a private space. And, one day, someone will suggest getting the baby oil bottle for an oil bout. Not just a little expensive body oil for posing, as here:


…but several bottles for a tussle. And, as you and your potential ‘opponent’ stand facing each other ready for the ritual, a change in mindset is inevitable: away from the intent to ‘win’, but instead anticipation of the oiling up and the sensual gripping and sliding which will follow! As tender hands begin to work the oil into every square inch of your body – every square inch, massaging gently – all thought of resistance slips away. It can take 20 minutes per person to do this, and the oiler gets oiled himself and shares those amazing sensations. often, oil bouts involve threesomes (or even four), since it is more about the experience than the contest! tumblr_nq156vcnjg1tl7qdeo1_400Hard to keep a hold on as your opponent’s well-lubricated and flexible and strong body slips through your fingers…

…and it can so easily lead to a hard-on (not to mince words) which, with gay partners, may lead to offers of helping hands to bring relief – or even helping feet.

Oil bouts do sometimes resolve with a submission, but often they just go on with the guys slipping and sliding over each other until they are both exhausted.

Anyway, whatever your particular choice of activity might be, “do it with a friend (or two)” is advice which would be hard to argue against. More images of guys together now follow:


It doesn’t have to involve violence!…


Cooking even!


Just chillin’…


In the rain, even…


…warm rain on your bare chest is a wonderful feeling. And those two have obviously been sharing their gym workouts as well.

And, if you are gay…p17

Reading is good:


…and, if you like reading AND are gay (or at least gay-friendly), allow me to offer you a seasonal suggestion covering rain/oil/shirtlessness/wrestling/fitness/circus/adventure and gay love:

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumb…a click on the covers will lead you to the publisher and to more information, and there is always Amazon, and the usual e-version outlets.

More images of close friends doing their thing:




I feel a pressing need for Dave and I to go play in the woods. Bye for now!

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3 Responses to Do It with a Friend (or Two!)

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I always wished that I had had a friend with whom to play naked in the woods when I was a kid. I remember living in suburban Chicago, I had a difficult time finding a place to be naked outdoors. I would ride my bike deep into the Cook County forest preserves and find a quiet place to strip down and explore naked. It wasn’t so much sexual as sensual…It felt great! When I lived in Peoria for nine years, I enjoyed strolling naked through the dry creek beds near the Illinois River. They were probably 20 feet deep. Today, they’re off limits because they’re owned by a railroad company. They were preserved to prevent major flooding and did their job during the Great Mississippi Flood of the early nineties. Today, I can’t really find a great place to go naked because so much land is private farmland. Besides, farmland is wide open. Anyway, I hope you have a great time in the woods! Maybe you can publish some “woodland beauty” photos.

    • tonycavanagh says:

      We pine here for access to the (distant) sea and beaches, but we are fortunate that long stretches of the Clinch River are bounded by woodland and not easily reached by cars, so therefore available to the likes of us! Friends Cody and Adge, as often mentioned, actually live right by the river (100 yards) in a crumbling home in those woods, and play host to us and others for skinny dipping, which they do every day of the year. The only other occasional users are members of the High School swim team, but their days are predictable and we usually avoid them. I like your remark that it is sensual, not sexual, to be naked outdoors. Absolutely. Maybe we are not such strange beings as I thought: welcome to the club!! Thanks for your continuing interest and thoughtful comments.

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