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A little later today, in West London UK at 4.30pm local time, a group of guys will gather in a gym for a session of naked circuit and weights training. This blog, if not my books, should  have made it clear that we, too, indulge in such an activity and have done for years, but we have always felt the need to keep our activities very much private – ‘members only’ or at home in our secluded training cabin.

A correspondent from London drew my attention the other day to the website http://www.nkdtraining.co.uk – now in my list of links at the foot of this page – which openly offers public sessions – “just click and sign up!” They are led by Paul, a personal trainer, who carefully stipulates that only shoes may be worn (safety) and “bring a towel” (hygiene – we also insist on thorough showers ahead of our sessions): the hour before is “free use of the gym – clothing optional but at least don’t wear a shirt!”

So – no need to hide away your liking for getting naked in the gym in Chiswick, then!


The website is very open about how the sessions work, and its ‘frequently-asked-questions’ page covers the very obvious “what if I get hard?” question. It is very much ‘open to all, gay or straight’ – here is an image from the site itself:


…it shows a well-equipped gym and four quite well-equipped young men, presumably regular participants!

It all appears to be a well-organised session that does what it says on the tin – no less, and no more. Well worth a visit I should say – and my correspondent is going on his first visit today, so I expect a full report!! Anyone else who picks up on the London sessions as a result of reading this, please do report back as well gymacrobat@gmail.com Trainer Paul also offers 1-on-1 naked personal training workouts.

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbReaders will be well aware of our own love of being naked for weights, acrobatics, swimming and so forth – if you follow the links from these book covers you can discover more, including how Dave and I found gay love and how our circus tours didn’t always quite work out the way we planned. These days it is essentially coaching for us, although we continue to train and give occasional performances and training camps – and naked performance to suitable adult closed groups are not unknown!

The remaining images in today’s post reflect that interest, I guess!






Yes – ‘just chillin” is allowed, too!


…and, for those who are gay, there are additional benefits:


The call of the wild…




A quiet beach…


Just mucking around in the shower…


…or anywhere!…


Spanish (?) lads entirely ‘at ease’ in their games hall (this is a repeat posting, but worth it):


I remember when I posted that before, I asked the question ‘What’s wrong with this picture?’ The answer in my view, then and now, is ‘nothing!’

A bit of acrobatics:


…and something I definitely can’t do:


…nor do I think I want to! But we used to work with a lad from Uruguay who did exactly that – and he’s in the first two books too.

So there we are. The twists and turns of the argument for working out au naturel and for feeling the wind on your chest – and the rest – when you can do it outdoors without offending. The important thing is to enjoy your workout – however you do it – and your rest periods too:


Bye for now!


My London correspondent duly attended, and here is his report!

Trust my timing in that the weather here has finally turned from unseasonably warm to very typical November cold. I got there at 3.30 with rain sleeting down and a bit of trouble tracking the place down. It’s easy enough to get there on public transport with tube and bus stops close by. It’s on an industrial estate and the gates are being fixed or upgraded or something. Anyway I did finally find it. 

It looks like it a physio/rehab gym clinic during the week so it’s not that big and around 1/3 of the space is taken up by a boxing ring! It has enough aerobic and resistance machines and free weights for the amount of people it can hold.

I was met by Paul and completed a medical questionnaire and then had the afternoon structure explained. The first hour is for anyone to warm up, lift weights or use any machines on their own initiative so it would not be useful for gym beginners. There were about 15 guys there when I arrived and although Paul explained that the first hour was ‘clothing optional’ everyone was naked. Although it was my first in anything like this, I stripped down to just trainers on my feet and walked in. It really is quite a nice feeling being naked around weight training guys. After the initial interest everyone got on with whatever they were doing and I found myself a bench and started some dumbbell chest presses. My only complaint was that the gym was too cold – and that’s not a look you want! I think they need to start your practice of using each other as benches, a warm body would have been really been nice!

Being stretched out on a bench, dick on show, however, didn’t feel at all strange and you stop noticing after a while. Guys kept arriving and all went naked until there were about 30 of us at 4.30 and the start of the class. We were all ages, sizes, shapes and ethnic groups, predominately gay I’d say but no one’s asking so who knows.

The first half of the class was aerobic which is not really my thing but Paul is very skilled at including everyone no matter their level of fitness. There was always an easier and harder way of doing anything. The second half of the class was more intense circuit training which I preferred. Again there was easier and harder ways of doing each exercise. I teamed up with a really lovely tanned hunky French guy (it’s not easy to concentrate when ‘do we do 10 reps’ is said in a dreamy French accent) and we encouraged each other through it – there wasn’t any cold bodies after that!

We ended with a warm down and stretch although I would have preferred for all of us with a BMI of 18 – 25 to pile into the boxing ring and warmed and stretched each other! I guess you can’t have everything!!

Overall I really enjoyed it, it really did feel very liberating and natural to be training naked and I’ll probably go again when the weather is warmer! The bit I enjoyed most was lifting weights naked but the cost is about as much as I pay my local gym for the whole week. I would however recommend it to anyone who just wants to get their kit off with other guys and to those who seriously lift weights.

He says he’ll be going again. It is, indeed, addictive!

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12 Responses to NKD Training

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  12. Platinumboy says:

    Certainly, being naked around other men in an exclusively male environment does not imply being gay. I have read that bodybuilders will sometimes walk around naked offstage as a form of intimidation to other competitors. I’ve never seen a male bodybuilding competition where there weren’t plenty of pretty girls on and off stage. Then there is certainly the guy who likes to sexually intimidate other men because he thinks size and prowess are the same. I am a naturist and have found a pair of nudist colonies close by. Real naturists aren’t in the business of showing off, just being naked. As long as everyone leaves the sex outside of the environment, everything should be fine. The sad thing is that too many equate nudity and sex when naturism, whether it be in the gym or out, has nothing to do with sex. To me, this is nothing more than a bunch of naturists working out together, or it could be. In this situation, fathers should be able to be comfortable bringing their underage sons for a naked workout because it should be just naturism. Here in the U. S., worries about lockerroom nudity where underage and adult males mixed was never a problem when I was a boy. Whether it was the local gym, city pool or the YMCA, no one was ever concerned, because nothing ever happened. Oh, for the “good old days”!

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