Brain Dead – No New Ideas!


Today’s post begins with a picture of gymnasts from Chelyabinsk in Russia – a group I intend to feature in forthcoming posts. No particular theme in today’s post, though: my brain seems to have gone dead following the Trump victory here in USA which even in Republican TN some folks are finding hard to comprehend, given the polls ahead of the vote. But they also say to us Brits resident here: ‘If you can defy the polls and vote for Brexit, surely you can let us defy the polls as well…’

No comment really. Hopefully the dust will settle fairly quickly and we can get on with what passes for ‘normal’ here. Which some of you might find still find to be really weird if you live outside the USA. But then, these particular Brits set a pretty strange example, as this excellent reading material will confirm!

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbe-books are also available as well as the print copies.

OK, so we’ll throw ourselves back into training and coaching, and encourage you guys to get on with the training and all its pleasures too:















Always good to have a schedule:


Can’t fault that routine!




As the guy says…


Back very shortly!

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2 Responses to Brain Dead – No New Ideas!

  1. Platinumboy says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much. Trump may be bombastic, but he didn’t become the multimillionare businessman he is by being stupid. I remember when Obama first got elected. I disagreed with a fellow employee about her vote for Obama, who had no real experience. She said he could learn on the job. Trump and I may disagree, but I must admit, he knows more about managing an economy than Hillary.

    I have some concerns about his interaction with world leaders, but I think he’ll realize that career diplomats are better equipped to deal with diplomacy while he works the big picture. I think his conciliation last night may show a new, better Trump. We’ll see.

    In the meantime, Hillary’s health and mental condition concern me. She revealed in one debate the amount of time it takes between “pressing the button” and dropping the bomb. That is a serious issue.

    Then again, Trump’s behavior during the campaign may have been all show and he’ll deliver what we need both economically and socially.

    After all, I know no one who has mistaken Trump for a reincarnation of Billy Sunday (a former baseball player for what is now the Cubs who some say preached Prohibition into being).

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