Tough Boys


Tough boys! That’s what we boys (of all ages!) who are into fitness in various ways like to think we are! As the boys in the Chelyabinsk gym again show us (see previous post, and future one dedicated to them).

A new Facebook friend was messaging me at 6am this morning to find out how I would be training today. To start with, fitting it into a working day consisting mainly of coaching. The answer I gave was ‘shoulders and chest’ which, alongside Dave, Pete and Ivo in the cabin at 6.30 turned out to be at least partly true!


When I dreamed up today’s title, though, I was thinking back to last evening. After Leo had returned from High School, his friend Chris swiftly followed, carrying two old wooden upright chairs which he deposited in the yard. Shortly afterwards Leo, who was clutching an obviously heavy bag, enquired after the whereabouts of a hammer. Curiously, as you do, I asked what the f*** was going on.


Now I written many times here that we include bed of nails and some other fakir stuff in our shows – easy to do so long as you keep your muscles reasonably tough, but “amazing” to those who see it only as an amazing and improbable feat to lie on such a bed with another person crushing down on top of you on another one. Just ‘the day job’, really. But Leo and Chris had come up with the idea of making a ‘nail chair’ by bashing four-inch nails up through the seat and through the back of the chair, then sitting in it as part of the ‘act’ while the chair was balanced on someone underneath. Someone to be decided… possibly me or Dave! And ‘maybe we can do the second chair with the nails facing outwards and the legs cut off, to make a scary sandwich with one of us on the top chair…’ That’s my Leo…

Well, he’s no engineer! Two things had not occurred to them: firstly that you need to secure the nails in the seat to avoid pushing them back through their holes when you sit on them – our nail beds all have a back board screwed on for this purpose – secondly that if you have the best part of four inches of nail between your back and the original chair back, you don’t have a great deal of the seat still available to sit on! So we dispatched them to the hardware store to get shorter nails for the back section, and set about looking for some scrap plywood to screw down over the nail heads. A work in progress, and the resulting ‘chairs’ will need some cosmetic surgery before ever appearing in public, but I award our ‘tough boys’ full marks for inventiveness in the interests of fitness! or of ‘showing off’.

Just beware any fit young lads around here who invite you to sit down.

Fit lads in groups can get up to all sorts of stuff: here’s your starter for six:


Ballet boys there! And gym boys pretending to be ballet boys here:


Underwear party here (but what can they all be looking at?):


Toughening up the abs and biceps – that’s more like it…


Work-life balance…



Ready for the beach playground:



At play:

tumblr_ofo2beopso1thlx0no1_500Mess room:


cover1-thumbcover-3-thumbcover2-thumbMore examples of fit boys at play can be found here! Print books about finding gay love, getting fit with acrobatics, touring with circuses, getting in some tight situations… and e-book versions are also available from the usual outlets. Click on the covers for more information.

And, while I think of it, a reminder that a lot of my posted pictures will enlarge if you click on them.

Back to those tough boys now:




Locker-room checks:


Just two boys, ready for the climbing wall:


A quick wrestle…


And a happy band to finish off today!


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