Don’t Be Lost For Words!


When I started this blog (years ago!!) the one thing I was told was ‘be regular!’ – sounds like my gran giving advice on an entirely different subject, the words being followed by ‘eat your greens…’ but lets not go there.

It’s true though – when you look regularly at a blog and there are no new posts for a while, you lose interest and then you stop checking. And if the blog is there sell your drivellings about gay love and the sport you love, interlaced with a bit of adventure, then that would surely see sales dry up!

So, not to disappoint – some unconnected snippets about issues recently raised. Miscellaneous covering of our interests, you might say – the same as Today’s Gallery Selection.


Gymnastics first – obviously a favourite sport since teaching it currently pays the bills. A great sport though, both to take part in and to watch. But then, I would say that, wouldn’t I? And on which point, the boys from Chelyabinsk are still training hard. and a further extensive gallery will appear soon to add to the previous post:


Acrobatics next: just like these guys on the beach doing the so-called ‘lazy handstand’…


…we are training up for a (very) brief stint in a show over Christmas. Our two fakir ladies, plus Ethan, Jack, Zach and Gary, are headed up to Canada right now because they’re going to be doing a full eight weeks of combined acrobatics and working the nails, glass and fire. Leo and Chris, by the way, have made their two patent ‘nail chairs’ and are starting to try out the possibilities they raise to expand our ‘fakir’ repertoire. Dave and I are just going to join the Canada trip for just six days taking Leo and Jaymee to enjoy a few professional appearances in the school break period. So everyone is practicing their handstands and stuff…


…not forgetting that we also use each other as ‘apparatus’…


That trip would leave just Pete and Ivo here in Oak Ridge for the actual Christmas holiday – and Ivo is invited to join his athletic sister Anneka and her partner so Pete, as Ivo’s partner, will go too. And so, for once, no-one will be roasting a turkey here at Christmas. Despite three of us being Brits, and two kids being half-Brits, we’re going to make a real big thing of Thanksgiving instead!

As long as we stay in the ‘business’ (show business, I suppose it is) and in attempting to demonstrate gymnastic moves, we need to keep in training ourselves, of course. Which includes weights and gym equipment!



And flexibility:



Meanwhile, our four remaining really young trainees, twins Stevie and Josh and their friends Alvin and Bryce, are doing fantastically well, really bulking up (though in a manner fitting with their age and their rate of physical development) and getting to grips with their acrobatics. I don’t post pictures of little ones here, so you’ll have to make do with some bigger ones:


(as I have said many times, like-minded groups work so well to encourage one another, and these guys are obviously ‘team players’!)

That doesn’t rule out just having ‘chill-out’ time together, of course…



…the second picture there looks like a locker-room group of lads highly satisfied with their achievements! Looks like these next two went back into their gym after shower for their photo…


Which leaves only the ‘gay’ bit, I suppose. I’m proud of what I am, and love my partner Dave to bits: our gayness has zero impact on our teaching and on our interactions with the boys we train, although obviously we admire it when their bodies develop as planned and their associated skills improve!. The remaining pictures today will focus on the ‘gay love’ bit, then:


(…as Trump has backed off on almost every other ‘hate’ issue, maybe he’ll back off on homophobia too…)



So my final message for today is: partners are good – both for fitness training:


…and for heading into the sunset!


Oh – I almost forgot. The books, yes. Don’t be afraid to click on the covers:

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbAnd after that unashamed ‘plug’, lets combine a few of our themes for a bonus picture!




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