Celebrating Achievement (in improving physique) – Today’s Gallery Theme

A bit of a ‘glamour boy’ to open, then:


Hmmm. Summer, suntan, poolside… and here am I, just out of bed, compiling this just after 6.30am: still dark and cold outside… putting off the trip across the yard to the training cabin where Leo and his friends are already hard at work before school. Still, Dave (partner) is still in bed!


Wonder how long we shall keep up trying to stay fit? Is it really worth the effort?

Of course it is!


If you can’t put in a bit of effort so that you can still feel proud of yourself (and your appearance)…


… then you’re reading the wrong blog!


Unless, of course, you’re just trolling along for the pictures. In which case, welcome anyway, and support the blog by buying the books!

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumbJust like they say the pictures on radio are better than television, maybe your own impressions of the scenes depicted in the books will be as good as these pictures! Or even better. e-books are available. Click on covers for more information.


So we continue to celebrate here the results of tough workouts in the gym, to enable a high standard in whatever sport you fancy. Acrobatics in our case, but superior strength and flexibility never hurt anyone.

image9And, if you started out once and got disillusioned:

hqx6ge6txng8vxirwfnup2ubolysa0w60140Indeed. But stick with it, vary your routines, and watch the results emerge! (Sorry, that one image won’t enlarge).

You like the lean look?


Muscle with hair?


Regular (gym) guys often like their pictures to be in the gym setting:



…while some will oil their bodies for the photographer’s studio lighting to highlight their – er – highlights!


Be proud of what you have – but resolve to improve. That’s what we teach – in gymnastics, weights, whatever – we don’t expect perfection, but we do expect effort to improve. So don’t be afraid to show up in a gym for the first time with a bit of flab, because it will soon disappear if you keep burning up the calories and eat the right foods!


And you don’t have to produce huge muscles to look good:


Age doesn’t matter either. Although it is usually the younger set who appear in photos all over the internet, there is a ripped guy of 78 featuring on TV here at the moment promoting his obviously very successful weights and nutrition routines!

So – read the sign:


…be prepared to sweat a bit…


…make use of whatever equipment you have at your disposal…


…and, above all, make it FUN!


Finally, it is always better to find a like-minded partner, to encourage and support one another:


Enjoy making yourself just FEEL so much better!


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