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Now there’s an interesting acrobat training lair! Complete with false trees – part of a stage set? Trapezes and balance pedestals ( or ‘blocks’) in evidence, plus your obvious ‘crash’ mats. And the all important mirror – so you can check on what your body looks like when you’re in some unusual position. But, altogether, a bit of a dump?

Today’s Gallery Theme, by the way: just



We are fortunate (I think fortunate!) in having four different ‘levels’ of training in our lives. Working up from the bottom, we have our hard-working group of four 10yo boys, doing fantastically well under supervision of Dave and I and our near 15yo offspring at both putting on strength and flexibility and in their embryo acrobatic activities. A joy to teach, and Leo and Jaymee love it as well, especially as they get the fees when they participate!


Next level up is those near-15yos themselves, and their friends. Six other boys: Chris, Jude [the gay bodybuilding one who is actually 16], Ryan, Tjark and recent Af-Am additions Theo and Errol, but currently no other girls to accompany Jaymee in her ‘professional’ acrobatic endeavours, although she is working on a particular girl in the acrobatic gym classes, and her former great mate Karla, whose parents split up and she vanished hundreds of miles away, is coming back on a visit immediately after Thanksgiving and may do some little shows with us. And that has re-awoken Leo’s interest, because she was his former crush…. no, I can’t get involved in all that again! Not yet, anyway!


That crew train mainly in our own training cabin here at the house, making it very crowded sometimes when we want to use it. And it is an ‘anything goes’ zone as far as clothing is concerned, since it is totally private and they’re all close friends – our two grew up together naked a lot of the time anyway and we set a similar training example.

I guess we – my partner Dave and eight other acrobatically- and fitness-minded gay colleagues – we’re group number 3. Similar interests as the younger set, with added gayness when we’re not troubled by younger folks in the cabin or elsewhere!


Of course, we do have another place to go – the private and much larger gym currently managed by Ron on behalf of its founder Chad. And thereby hangs a complicated story: it was briefly opened up to a wider clientele, which has led both to overcrowding and an obvious restriction on some of the things that the older and long-established members like to up to – which again includes getting naked for training, wrestling and (in the case of the gay set) sometimes something more…


To add to the complications, Chad’s last act before he left to tour our planet was to grant full access to our 15-16yo set because they really need to use the full range of equipment available (resistance machines etc) – so they can become exposed to wider adult nakedness (but with the worst excesses definitely hidden away). That ‘set’ now includes two delightful gentlemen of color – to which Chad was fiercely resistant along with some of the old-established members (this is Tennessee), something to which Ron doesn’t personally subscribe but is kind of beholden to maintain Chad’s rules while he is away. So far, we haven’t tried to get them in.


Now it is ‘crunch’ time. Ron and the older members (in which we are fortunate to count ourselves) have accepted that  we have to go back to being a ‘closed society’ in which anyone new would have to be either strongly recommended by an existing member, or approached by ‘management’ because of their particular talent in either lifting, wrestling, acrobatics etc. The 15yos can continue to go, but must accept the voluntary (un)dress code (all the parents know) and must clear out by 9pm.

The question of our Af-Am friends is currently unresolved. An added complication is Ryan’s dad (that’s not his real name, by the way – I have to change quit a few to protect the innocent in this blog and keep a list of pseudonyms so I can be consistent!): originally almost violently homophobic, he banned his son from contact with mine despite Leo being as straight as they ever come, then he warmed to us eventually, but we know he is also fiercely racist and has no idea that his son is great friends with Theo and Errol. As with contact with Leo, they’re all in the same class in school so his attempt at segregation didn’t work the first time and won’t work this time either. But, as you can see, we have unsolved problems here!


Actually, there is a fifth level to all this. I coach gymnastics as a profession. Fortunately the system (and the local authority checks) recognise that, as a gay man, I am no more likely to molest the boys under my care than a straight male coach would be to molest the girls. And, of course, I teach both. Wearing the ‘correct’ uniform, too, although the shirt comes off when it gets hectic. Hopefully no issues there, then!


Oh gosh, this is another rant. It is all a bit frustrating when all that everyone mentioned here wants to do is to improve their fitness and their skills, and to enjoy doing it. And to be friends and training partners with each other which, as I regularly keep saying, is really beneficial.

How did I get into all this? Simple:

Loving the Boy: ISBN 978-1-907732-30-0

The Power of Love: ISBN 978-1-907732-41-6

Against All Odds: ISBN 978-1-908645-35-7

Those three epic tales of gay love, acrobatics, circus and all the rest will do the job.

No more!! OK then, just a couple more images for today.



Actually, one more thing. As a group who enjoy training naked, we’re not alone, as my recent post about sessions in London UK (and comment from a reader who went to a session) will reveal. And I bet there are a lot more out there who see being clothes free as appropriate for a tough workout – just Strain, Stress and Sweat…




Where’s the rest of my team??


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