International Men’s Day November 19th


Yes, today’s the day – so ‘Hi’ to all you men everywhere! I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do on International Men’s Day anyway… maybe just be sociable. But I shall use it (guess what!) as an excuse to get us all to improve ourselves… and you know exactly what that means, I think:


…yes – get together with your mates and resolve to improve yourselves physically as well as mentally. Outside is good, if the weather is still appropriate for your location:



…indoors otherwise…


tumblr_oc3dz59xcl1shhmbwo1_1280…and you don’t have to take all your clothes off – although that’s the way we like – really get stuck in, your sweating body against the cold steel! And, as this discreetly small picture on the right illustrates, we’re not the only ones who enjoy naked gym (and see the previous post and comments thereon on NKD Training!). So, if you and your friends want to give it a discreet try – even just two of you together in your basement… give it a go for International Men’s Day! Yes, the image will enlarge…


But raise a sweat any which way – and whatever your age (unless your doctor forbids it) – it is bound to make you feel a real man!


Ready to face the world head on!


A bit of attitude there, I think. Try something new… a bit of acrobatics, maybe:


…nothing too hard to start with…


…but maybe pole dancing isn’t quite up your street!

Our own tastes in fitness and lifestyle are clear… and here:

cover1-thumbcover2-thumbcover-3-thumb…both paper and e-book versions are available. All of the above, with our gay love thrown in, some circus adventures and some misadventures too. Just click on the covers, spend a little money and make me happy for IMD!.

Of course, International Mens’ Day is not particularly about gayness – just about being who you are and enjoying it. Since this is a sporty and fitness blog, though, we do seem to be rather biased towards encouraging everyone to get active, either singly or in groups:


…well, that option may be OK for you if you are in the southern hemisphere at the moment! If in the frozen north, however, swimming is still an option for the hardy:


We rather like wild swimming, but our local river is somewhat warmer than his snowy lake, year round!


OK, enough preaching. A final few images of male excellence to inspire you, and then we’ll get out there in our own private training cabin ahead of going to our work as gymnastics coaches!






And finally, for IMD – male bonding! Go enjoy your day – however you want!



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